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Legislative Issues You Should Be Aware Of
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The Advisory Council of Marine Associations met in Orlando at the 2015 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo and offers the following resolutions to the MRAA Board of Directors for 2016 action:

  1. To support and seek legislation to increase funding and awareness for vocational education, recognizing the marine industry’s shortage of qualified technicians across the country. 

  2. Recognizing that the Great Lakes region accounts for  one-third of all recreational boat sales and usage in America, ACMA recommends to the MRAA Board that it be a priority in the MRAA legislative program to closely monitor Great lakes issues at the national level and regularly communicate them to the MTA's in the Great Lakes states as well as to all ACMA member organizations.

  3. Communicate more frequently with state associations on legislative issues monitored at the national level, opportunities for public comment, and action alerts to share with MTA members.

  4. Take action to closely monitor and support favorable use of the Water Resources Reform & Development Act and the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund for the dredging of America’s small boat harbors.

  5. Support actions to support reform of the Renewable Fuels Standard to eliminate the damaging impact of corn ethanol on millions of America’s marine and small engines by working to restrict and repeal the mandate for continually increasing the quantity of ethanol in the nation’s gasoline supplies.

  6. Take action to be an advocate and supporter of a revision of Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization Act during its reauthorization process, calling for more time and latitude for the US F&WS to rebuild overfished stocks using reliable scientific research and data.

  7. Support action that helps stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS), prevents the introduction of new AIS, and helps eradicate AIS, as water quality and fisheries are vitally important to the survival of the marine industry in the U.S.

  8.  Support local and state marine trades associations, where and when requested, in their efforts to gain favorable boating legislation and regulations.