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Mastering the Dealer Relationship by Glenn Roller
Monday, November 17th, 8 am to 11 am


How does one sell without selling? What differentiates pushing product versus assisting the dealer with product? What is behind a dealership having difficulties moving product with their customers; does it really come down to price?

During this session, Glenn Roller will be addressing these questions and revealing the secret saboteur in relationships. This saboteur is active in both business and personal relationships. Why do some dealer relationships work so well and others are unnecessarily difficult? Is this due to one’s personality type or could there be something more, something that is easy to understand and correct? This session will unveil relationship dynamics as never seen previously. Here are some of the highlights in this session:

•Relationship based selling - selling without the need to "sell"

•Understanding what is at the foundation of relationship resistance - growing sales with dealers and the dealers with their customers

•Removing the secret saboteur from relationships - thusly raising sales and reducing relationship friction

•How to grow any relationship from personal to business - increasing your income as well as the personal connections in one's life

•How to assist a dealer in raising their relationship with a customer - reducing the need for price incentives

Sponsored by GE Capital Commercial Distribution Finance

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