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MDCE dealer attendees have asked us for opportunities to dig deeper into the topics that have the greatest impact on their dealership - that's what workshops are for. These in-depth sessions are designed to provide dealers with a collaborative setting where your team can buckle down and build new processes, plans and outcomes for your business – under the guidance of an expert advisor. To sign up, you must select the workshop ticket during the registration process. Pricing is included below.


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Monday, Nov. 17th​

CULTURE = CASH (8:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.)
As you pursue a stronger top and bottom line for your business, is your culture truly capable of driving growth or will it hold you back? Learn what it takes to build and sustain a dealership culture that delivers results in this three-hour workshop with leadership guru John Spence. Not only will you take away tools to create highly satisfied, engaged and loyal employees that possess an "ownership mentality,” but you’ll also pick up strategies to help your team embrace change, increase accountability, develop a strong sense of urgency, and maintain disciplined execution. $175 non-member/$135 member

WALK AWAY WITH: A customized workbook to help you identify areas of strength and weakness in your dealership's culture.
BUILD A SERVICE DREAM TEAM ​(8:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.)
In order to achieve leading customer loyalty and profitability, you must have a highly effective service team. This in-depth workshop from service pro Valerie Ziebron will look at the key human resource elements needed to create an outstanding service department. Among the topics to be covered are recruiting, interviewing, hiring, reviewing and terminating employees; management’s role in creating, communicating and driving goals, and what employees need from managers to be successful. $175 non-member/$135 member

WALK AWAY WITH: Job descriptions for service and parts employees, sample interview questions, tips for Internet recruiting, employee rewards and recognition best practices, and much more.

Whether you’re a dealership owner ready for retirement or you’re just assuming the helm today, it’s time to kick off a new conversation about your company’s future. During this workshop, family business maven Tom Deans, Ph.D., will share his experience as a company owner and operator, guiding you through 12 questions designed to protect your wealth, strengthen your family relationships and provide a clear path forward for your dealership. $129 non-member/$99 member

WALK AWAY WITH: A 130-page guidebook to help you protect your family’s wealth and plan for your dealership’s future.

BACK TO SALES BASICS ​(8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.)
In both sports and business, evidence suggests that the best performers focus on the fundamentals, and the teams that make the fewest mistakes are the ones who win the most games. The simple reality for today’s dealers is that they tend to lose far more deals each day due to ego and abandoning their sales process than they do from using the wrong word track or closing line. Join one of MDCE’s highest-rated speakers, Sam Dantzler, as he takes you back to the basics, raising your sales game through the sales exercise missing from your dealership’s play book, the development of a better sales process, the creation of staffing guidelines, and more. $129 non-member/$99 member

WALK AWAY WITH: Training tools you can use to improve sales results for you and your team.

DON'T FLUNK THIS TEST (8:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.)
Pick up your dealership’s website, social media and online reputation grades, then get to work building a plan that will put you at the head of the class. Under the guidance of ARI’s Bob McCann and Heather Blessington, you’ll benchmark your dealership’s digital performance, set goals to improve your results, then build an actionable content optimization plan. You’ll leave this powerhouse workshop armed with the tools you need to enhance your results across all of your digital channels. $175 non-member/$135 member

WALK AWAY WITH: A report card that scores your dealership’s website, social media and online reputation, and a 12-month content optimization plan.
If you’re in line to assume ownership in your family’s marine business some day, this session is for you. Join together with other young leaders for a discussion of how to open up an honest conversation with current ownership regarding your future and theirs. During this workshop by family business guru Tom Deans, Ph.D., you’ll learn what questions to ask yourself and the dealership principals to secure a clear and bright path forward. $129 non-member/$99 member

WALK AWAY WITH: A 130-page guide to help you protect your family's wealth and plan for your dealership's future.
Video has become a critical component of the marketing plan for any piece of new or used inventory. During this two-part workshop by Dominion Marine Media Senior Editor Lenny Rudow, you will learn how to shoot a walk-through video on a trailerable boat, including a live demonstration of camera equipment. Then, you’ll be taught video editing tips and tricks, including the use of YouTube’s built-in editor, that will help make your videos more effective.  $129 non-member/$99 member

WALK AWAY WITH: Tips sheets you can take back to your dealership to help you film and edit your own boat walk-through videos.

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