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MRAA Rewards Chrysler Discount
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MRAA members are now eligible to participate in the Chrysler Affiliate Rewards Program, yielding significant discounts on nearly all cars, vans or trucks — be they personal or work vehicles — in the Chrysler family of brands.

Participation in the Chrysler program, which is only available to MRAA members in the United States, entitles dealership employees, subsidiary employees, business retirees and employee family members to save thousands of dollars on their next Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM or FIAT purchase (Dodge Viper and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT models are excluded) by purchasing vehicles at the “Preferred Price” — one percent below factory invoice, plus a $75 administration fee. This offer extends to personal as well as commercial vehicles.

Each dealership employee, retiree or spouse/family member is entitled to purchase or lease a combined total of two vehicles per calendar year at the discounted, one-percent-below-factory-invoice rate. Individuals interested in taking advantage of the Chrysler program are given a special control number to apply for the discounts.

Discounts offered through the Chrysler Affiliate Rewards Program also “stack,” meaning that other incentives Chrysler offers its retail customers likewise apply for Affiliate Program members, in addition to the one-percent-below-factory-invoice rate they’re already receiving as program participants. That could amount to thousands more dollars in savings on qualifying vehicle purchases.

Aside from discounts on vehicles, Affiliate Rewards Program members who are business owners can participate in the Chrysler Business Link program, where they are eligible for reimbursements on related car, truck and van accessories for their business. If a program participant buys an item or items, comes back to the dealership within 90 days and gives their salesperson the purchase invoice, they can be refunded up to $1,500 of the accessories purchase price directly from Chrysler.

Other incentives include four free oil changes (or oil changes for the first two years, whichever comes first); 5-year, 100,000-mile warranties on all vehicles; and discounts on vehicle graphic wraps (Chrysler gives program participants discounts up to 50 cents on the dollar up to a maximum cost of $2,000). For complete details of the Chrysler Business Link program, visit

To learn more about MRAA membership or to join, contact MRAA Membership & Benefits Specialist Nikki Duffney at 763-333-2420 or
8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428