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Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program
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Since 2013, we have made a lot of improvements to the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program.  We’ve transitioned to an online platform that simplifies the preparation and submission processes. Instead of Recertifying every year, the cycle is now every other year. And, exclusive benefits for Certified Dealers are growing every day. You can view the complete list of Certified Dealer benefits here. Plus, on average, Certified Dealerships:
  • Have higher CSI scores than non-Certified dealers
  • Report higher demand on most new boat types
  • Report stronger retail trends for new and pre-owned boats
  • Indicate more access to credit for both retail/consumer and wholesale/dealer
  • Generate more revenue than non-Certified dealers
  • Are more satisfied, on average, than non-Certified dealers (both currently and within a 3- to 5-year outlook


This data comes from the 2014 AVALA CSI Comparison and 2014 Performance Perspective. If you want to see what your peers are saying, take a look at the testimonials here.  



MICD Fast Track ($2,399 MRAA members / $2,499 nonmembers)
*Multi-location discount available ($950 MRAA members / $1,000 nonmembers)

The MICD Fast Track allows dealerships to move straight to a Five Star Certified Dealership through one process and 15 standards. Dealerships can take their business to the next level with this streamlined route. The Fast Track targets high-level business practices proven to generate superior performance, operational excellence and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

Download the Fast Track Checklist 


1. Pre-Certification Assessment
2. Marine Industry Consumer Commitment
3. Employee Process
4. Employee Satisfaction Survey
5. Education & Training
6. CRM Process
7. CSI Tracking/Trending
8. Sales Process
9. Website Standards
10. Facility Standards
11. Service Process
12. Parts Process
13. Accounting Process
14. Mystery Shopping
15. Performance Planning



Five Star MICD Recertification ($1,649 MRAA members / $1,699 nonmembers)
*Multi-location discount available ($450 MRAA members / $500 nonmembers) 

Five Star MICD Recertification is completed every two years once the Fast Track is completed or Steps 1 through 3 are complete.



Steps to Becoming a Marine Industry Certified Dealership

The MICD Program can be broken into a three-step process: Step 1 focuses on outstanding customer service; Step 2 focuses on operational excellence; and Five Star MICD concentrates on superior performance. Each step includes 10 standards that a dealership must meet in order to become Certified. Breaking the program down into steps makes it easier and more affordable for dealerships to get Certified at the pace they feel most comfortable. 

Step 1 
Step 2   Step 3 (Five Star MICD)

$549 MRAA members
$599 nonmembers

Outstanding Customer Service

The first step in the MICD Program focuses on establishing a high level of customer satisfaction through streamlined communications, dealership appearance and quality assurance.

Download the Step 1 Checklist


1. Pre-Certification Assessment
2. Marine Industry Consumer Commitment
3. Dress Code
4. CSI Tracking & Trending
5. Employee Job Descriptions
6. Education and Training
7. CRM Process
8. Quality Assurance Process
9. Facility Check Sheet
10. Performance Planning  

$899 MRAA members
$949 nonmembers

Operational Excellence 

The second step of Certification continues to enhance the customer experience by implementing processes for overall dealership functionality. Established organizational procedures ensure smooth operations and happy customers.

Download the Step 2 Checklist


1. Pre-Certification Assessment
2. Employee Handbook
3. Employee Reviews
4. Sales Process
5. Internet Process
6. Service Process
7. Parts Process
8. Performance Process
9. Education and Training
10. Performance Planning

$1,299 MRAA members
$1,349 nonmembers

Superior Performance

Five Star Certified Dealerships use cutting-edge best practices and strategies to create a world-class operation. They stand out above all other dealers by incorporating the most sophisticated systems for today's market. Dealerships that achieve Five Star status must Recertify every two years.

Download the Step 3 Checklist


1. Pre-Certification Assessment
2. Employee Satisfaction Survey
3. Facility Standards
4. Website Standards
5. F&I Process
6. Accounting Process
7. Follow-Up Process
8. Education and Training
9. Mystery Shopping
10. Performance Planning