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The drive to continuously grow and improve is at the heart of the MRAA, our members and our staff. That’s why we’re launching this blog: to share what we’re learning in our work and in our lives with you – and in hopes you’ll share what you’re learning too.


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Dealer to Dealer: September 2019

Posted By Mickaela Hilleren, Wednesday, September 11, 2019
How have you made purchasing decisions (for the next model year) at recent dealer meetings based on your current inventory levels?

I have brought in 2020 inventory, so that combined with my existing 2019 inventory, it will match my inventory level that I had last year heading into Q4. The primary difference being, last year at this time, I had less leftover 2018 inventory, where as this year roughly 30% of my inventory is MY 2019. Ultimately, my dealer meeting orders are down YOY. – Quinn Bellamy, Silver Lake Marine

We are backing are orders off by 20%. To much inventory and don’t think It will be a problem to find next year. – Ken Toby, Marine Sales Kentuckian

There has been lots of talk of 30% more inventory in the field than last year and I feel that it has a lot of people scared and dumping inventory at low margins.  The explanation in my opinion is two factors.  The obvious one is bad weather for the first part of the year.  The second is not as clear to many dealers and you guys maybe have a better handle on this and can shed some light.  Many dealers I talk with or sell against will often say sometime in May that they are sold out of new boats and can’t get orders fulfilled, etc.  This has gone on for years.  The often heard (and misguided) response to that is, “ that’s a good problem to have!”.  The fact is that it is not at all a good problem, it is poor planning plain and simple.  So now that the economy and consumers have proven over the past 7 years that things are good, dealers have ordered to accommodate demand.  And to do this you need to have stock over the summer when people are using and buying boats.  Just because 2020’s are now on our lots does not mean that you should be clear of all 2019 models.  It takes time to build inventory so if you were to be sold out in June and 2020s start slowly rolling in to your dealership in July, you will not have a full stock until winter.  The “overstock” of inventory is merely a correction of past “understocking” combined with a later start to the selling season.  No need to panic!  Just my .02. – Stuart Litjens, Boulder Boats

Yes, we did make ordering decisions based upon current inventory levels and the compressed selling season we experienced in 2019. The year began with political and economic news that, to some extent, hindered very early-season boat sales. We went into a dark, wet, cold, long spring before boaters saw any real sunshine around July 1. – Tighe Curran, Pier 33

After reviewing our current inventory we have made a decision to cut back on the initial 2020 orders. There are many dealers that have more inventory than previous years. This means there will be a glut of left over inventory and unfortunately dealers are willing to "blow out" their product below normal pricing. Also in the last few months it seems like the retail sales have slowed a little. Also election year is next year and I have seen for the last 45 years the boat sales slow up every four years just before the elections because of the uncertainty but after the elections business as usual.  We will be cautious for the next 12 months but by no means cut back on our normal inventory levels. You can't sell it if you don't have it! – Jim Wiborg, Bob Hewes Boats

Very carefully, still have ‘18s in stock. – Von Skinner, Cozy Cove Marina

Manufacturers have been forcing us to take on more, and in turn put our store into a volatile market. Our area/competition has high inventory levels for this time of year, and if the economy turns we will all be in trouble. While reps share our concerns, they can’t do as much as they could in the past. The continued rising price of new boats, and the cost of warranty to deliver a product in confidence to the consumer is higher. We are now in a situation where it requires more employees just to deliver on the same principles we have in the past, because of poor quality control from the factory. We have scaled back on ordering 2020 product because of this. – Anonymous

The amount of purchasing I'm doing is based on what has turned. I have 4 lines. [Our] purchasing decisions were made based on the idea that it will be a flat or slightly down year – Joe Hoffmaster, Hoffmaster’s Marina

We have, and in most cases we’re anticipating an increase. We doubled the order for one of our best-selling brands, from 40 units in 2019 to 80 units in 2020. – Roger Moore, Nautical Ventures

How have you made your purchasing decisions for next model year? Tell us below in the comment section!

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MRAA Hits the Road

Posted By Mickaela Hilleren, Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The past few weeks have been busy for dealers like you. Just as you’re seeing the last blast of summer sales, you’re also jumping on planes or driving across the country to visit your reps and peers at manufacturer dealer meetings. And we have been, too!

In the past month, members of the MRAA team have visited meetings for Chris-Craft, Lowe, Bennington, Tiara, Alumacraft, Barletta and Chaparral. And we have more coming soon! We’re spreading the news about Dealer Week, MRAA membership and the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program with the goal of offering you solutions to improve your business and fuel your growth. We’re also sharing information about the Dealer Week Early Bird discount, which ends Sept. 30, and passing along a Certification bundle that allows you to bundle Bronze membership with Certification to take advantage of valuable resources and benefits while completing the Certification program.

If you missed us at your meeting, or if you want more information on anything MRAA has to offer, Nikki can help. Reach Member Development Manager Nikki Duffney at 763-333-2420 or at for the full scoop.

Tags:  Annual conference  certification  continuous improvement  dealer development  dealer education  growth  leadership  marine industry  MICD  MRAA member  networking 

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Dealer to Dealer: August 2019

Posted By Mickaela Hilleren, Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Updated: Wednesday, August 7, 2019
As we push toward the end of the prime selling season, what is the one goal you want to accomplish by the end of the year?

"Figure out why our new boat sales are lacking behind 2018 when every other aspect of our business are well ahead." - Joe Lewis, Mount Dora Boating Center

"The one goal I’d like to accomplish would be to reclaim my sanity. Somewhere between Memorial Day and Labor day, all normal sanity was sucked out of my mind. Hopeful some cooler days and smooth sounds will restore my fried brain cells." - David deAndrade, White Lake Marine

"Top of my list is to reduce the inventory. Our inventory is high for this time of year and the manufacturers are asking for new 2020 orders to either met or exceed last year's orders. Being in this business for over 40 years we know that every election year the business tapers off towards election time. But after the elections, whether a Republican or Democrat is elected, there is business as usual. So we will adjust our inventory accordingly in 2020.  

Also we are training in house for new technicians. We are using our older tech's to train the younger new tech's and compensating the older tech's for their training." - Jim Wiborg, Bob Hewes Boats

"Be billing 80% of paid trades payroll hours." - Jim Dragseth, Whiticar Boat Yard

"We’ve outgrown our current location, both in size and scope. Our goal is to secure a bigger, deep water location that will allow us to inventory more boats, expand our service operations, accommodate more employees, add a full-service marina component, and more. Ideally we would migrate to the new location during 2020." - Roger Moore, Nautical Ventures

"We need to sell through our overstocked and aged inventory. There's also a challenging time ahead so far as inventory planning and management goes. Our primary goal is to identify when and where to shift our ordering and delivery dates, as well as volume of inbound orders." - Greg Knop, Family Boating Center

What do you want to accomplish in the upcoming months? Tell us below in the comment section!

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Continuous Certification: It’s Like Learning How to Swim

Posted By Mickaela Hilleren, Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Last week, MRAA Lead Certification Consultant, Bob McCann, used the analogy of learning how to swim during our MICD Certification consultant training.

You can imagine it... You’re a kid in a pool. A trusted adult is standing a few feet away and motions you to swim toward them. At the last second they take a step back. What?! You were almost to the finish line and they made a step backwards that challenged you to go farther, to do more.

The MICD Continuous Certification curriculum is kind of like that. Each quarter offers new content that is designed to challenge the way you run your business. We want to make you think.

In Q1, Jim Million takes a step back and provides information on how you can work toward a coaching and mentoring culture that will lead to a more effective workplace.

Q2 addresses the productivity of your leadership team. Ty Bello takes a step back and identifies the areas that may be blocking you from being productive.

Liz Walz and a panel of experts take a step back and help you reconsider how you allocate your staff’s time and talent in sales, marketing and customer service and how your departments collaborate to grab the attention of prospects and customers in Q3.

And if you have caught on, you would guess that Q4 is sure to push you further and challenge the way you run your business in order to bring greater success, as Theresa Syer shows you how to understand and influence your customer’s Key Emotional Drivers.

We hold our Certified dealers to a high standard. They have proven that they have the desire to be the best and be a dealership that continues to strive to be better. So we will continue to take a step back and challenge you to swim.

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A Peek Behind the Curtain

Posted By Nikki Duffney, Thursday, July 25, 2019
Do you know about the people who show up every day to do work on your behalf – advocating for the marine industry and the talented people who work the front lines? We are your marine trades associations and collectively we are the National Marine Trades Council.

Last week, around 30 marine trades association professionals, gathered in Anacortes, Washington to continue to push the industry forward with our pooled expertise. We touched on important topics like workforce & talent management, sharing resources to support our members, continuing education and association best practices. We welcomed back Canadian associations to the council this year, which was a great addition. Having insight from the community with the shortest boating season in North America was insightful.

Building a community of trusted friends that understand the challenges and rewards that come out of your daily activity is rich with benefits. We share similar pains, we celebrate aligned victories and we keep showing up to support each other to achieve the best results we can.

Who is your community? Is it your 20 Group, local area dealers, MRAA members or your local MTA members… whoever you build community with, I encourage you to show up and share your expertise with others. You never know when you might be offered a nugget of valuable information in casual conversation that could change the way you operate.

Tags:  continuous improvement  dealer development  dealer focused  discussions  marine industry  networking  NMTA  relationships  workforce issues 

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Multiplying Success Through “Interdependence”

Posted By Liz Walz, Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sometimes, though you can’t take any credit for it, you find yourself doing the right thing at the right time.
That was the case this past week. The “right thing” was reading a classic book: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. And the right time was rocketing through the air on a flight to join MRAA’s Dealer Development Manager Nikki Duffney at the National Marine Trades Council meeting in Anacortes, Washington.
The part of the book I was reading was on what Covey calls “the maturity continuum” – one in which we start life with physical, emotional, mental and financial dependence, then move to independence, and eventually – on a quest to achieve our greatest success – may reach the pinnacle of maturity, interdependence.
The way Covey explains it, “interdependence is the paradigm of we – we can cooperate; we can combine our talents and abilities and create something greater together.” In our society, we often put independence on a pedestal as the ultimate goal – but the author does an excellent job of reminding us that idea is misplaced.
“Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of other to achieve their greatest success,” he writes.  
I’m not telling you anything new. Most of you actively practice interdependence. For one, you experience the benefits of collaborating with your team to strengthen your business. You also might be a member of a 20 Group. And if you’re reading this, chances are you’re a member of a marine trade association. Or two. Or three. Take, for instance, the marine dealer with a marina who was a member of three of the associations in attendance at the meeting. He belongs to his state association, the MRAA and the Association of Marina Industries – each of which offers unique education and benefits to fuel success for that business owner and his team. Talk about 1 + 1 + 1 = 5!
It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of how much more we can achieve together than alone. The book was my first reminder this week, but it came to life again and again working alongside the brilliant and dedicated people who run the industry’s marine trade associations.
There are many ways in which we were already collaborating with the national, state and regional association professionals in the room. For example, we partner with the National Marine Manufacturers Association by sharing a political action committee, called BoatPAC. Many of us at the NMTC event co-host the American Boating Congress, which is produced by NMMA. MRAA collaborated with Wendy Mackie, her team at the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association and others to launch the Strategy 10 + 1 publication, a Guide to Growing the Workforce, and the MRAA Guide to Apprenticeship. And on a personal level, I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with Barb Caster of the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York to serve those marine businesses in my local community.
One final example, inspired by the value of working alongside our marine trade association peers to serve you, is a co-host program at the Dealer Week event this December in Tampa. Five associations have already signed on as Dealer Week Co-Hosts, and after meeting with our peers to explore the value of this opportunity to our organizations and you, several more have expressed interest in co-hosting.

Thanks to NMTC leadership, there were lots of seeds planted that will sprout new opportunities for all of us who participated to practice interdependence this week, which multiply our ability to fuel your success.

To learn more about co-hosting at Dealer Week, MRAA's annual conference and expo, reach out to Allison Gruhn or visit our partner page.

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Dealer to Dealer: June 2019

Posted By Mickaela Hilleren, Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Updated: Wednesday, July 10, 2019
In regards to sales, how did the weather impact your
first and second quarter?

I’m sure that the weather impacted sales because we have experienced record rains over the first half of 2019, however, the strong economy has countered the negative effects of the weather and dealership is up 30% in boat sales to last year.  Hard to say what could have been. - Michael Brown, Cabela’s Louisville KY

[The weather] has affected May/June sales by 25% - Rob Rule, Maple City Marine

The weather has caused sales to be completely stalled out in April through June.  Inventory is at record levels because of it. - Jerry Brouwer, Action Water Sports

We had a good start considering the weather has been terrible, however, I am seeing head winds building from interest rates, price increases and the up coming election year.  It think it will slow significantly as we enter the fall season. - John Ladner, Breath’s Boats & Motors

We had record breaking sales, both in units and volume, during our first two quarters. We reside in South Florida where these quarters are the best seasons for our local weather. This year was exceptionally temperate with an abundance of Chamber of Commerce days. We also attend the Miami and Palm Beach International Boat Shows during these quarters.  Seasonal residents, along with good weather, contributed to sales. Very active boating occurs here in winter and spring spread out between seasonal residents, fishing enthusiasts, and the large yachts that berth here for repairs, maintenance, and in need of new tenders. - Frank Ferraro, Nautical Ventures

Yes, the weather effected us. Because the lakes stayed frozen longer, we couldn’t get boats on the water. This backed up, both, service and sales. - Patrick Green, Tobler Marina

The weather has been good to us in Alabama even though we had a little above average rainfall. We had our In-Water Boat Show at the end of April and the weather was almost perfect for this type of show. Due to these conditions, we had our best show ever. The weather this year has helped us very favorably. - Dave Commander, Russell Marine

Being that we're in FL, the weather certainly didn't affect our sales like it did for other areas.  BUT we did have a much later start to the selling season, I'd say about 45 days later than normal.  We had some late season cold fronts that kept our fishing and boating seasons pent up.  And because the season was late, we didn't get that early season urgency/spree.  So I feel that the overall calendar year for sales will be down by about 15% as a result of missing out on a month and a half of sales. - Greg Knop, Family Boating Centers

Sales are off by 15% from a year ago. Store traffic is down as is the service. We need the lakes to get back to normal. People want to go because of the heat but can't go because they are limited to where  you can go. People don't want travel 3-4 hours to play for the day. We are in northeastern Oklahoma. - Alan Atkins, Sundown Marine

Cold and Snowy Q1, Cold and Rainy Q2. We're experiencing fantastic water levels, but the surfers, tubers and riders are running 30 days behind because it was so cold and rainy in May and first part of June. Numbers were a little off, but catching up quickly. - Brian Ulrich, Fred's Marine

How did the weather impact you? Tell us below in the comment section!

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Market Yourself: MICD Offers Best Practices for Certified Dealer Marketing

Posted By Mickaela Hilleren, Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Certified Dealers have a wealth of qualities to brag about, yet some aren’t patting themselves on the back publicly, so the consumer knows what to expect from a Certified Dealer. We recommend you Certified Dealers post the following message on a Certification page on your website, or perhaps your blog. And when you do, send us a link. We’d love to see it!

The Boat House, a newly Certified Dealer took to their homepage to celebrate their Certified status. For more tips on how to do this, reach out to Certification Manager Liz Keener at and watch the Q3 Continuous Certification course “Align Your Dealership with Today’s Customer.”

Why You Should Buy a Boat from a Marine Industry Certified Dealer

By The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA)

When the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, we all know that dreams of owning (or upgrading) a boat begin to set in. To take that vision and turn it into a reality, however, working with a professional and knowledgeable boat retailer truly makes the difference.

Marine retailers who have completed the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ Marine Industry Certified Dealer Program have proven that they operate a solidly run business and employ industry best practices.

Through a third-party consultant, Certified Dealers are audited to verify their commitment to excellence in key areas related to dealership operations, employment and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Certified Dealers have proven that they have a strong customer experience plan to help ensure a smooth transition into boat ownership.

Certified Dealers are required to pledge to the Consumer Commitment. The Consumer Commitment states that, as a boat buyer and potential customer of their business, you should expect a higher standard of professionalism when working with a Certified Dealer. It is their commitment to you and it is your right to hold them accountable to that level of service.

When you’re daydreaming about yourself in that new boat, take a moment to think about the purchase experience you want to have — both before and after you get on the water — and choose the retailer you purchase from wisely.

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Member Spotlight: Roxanne Rockvam

Posted By Mickaela Hilleren, Monday, June 17, 2019

Roxanne Rockvam, of Rockvam Boat Yards, located in Spring Park, Minn., continues to be a strong advocate for boating and water preservation. We had the chance to ask her a few questions about working in her family’s business and her new initiatives, and the Clean Boater Pledge.

Q: First of all, tell us a little about yourself and how you got your start in the boating industry.

Rockvam: I’m told my first boat ride was at 6 days old. But as a 3rd generation in the boating industry, I’ve been told “the water is in my veins”. We have a family marina and with a family business I’ve always been around it. In fact, I started on payroll at age 7 and I remember having to stand on the edge of the showcase to reach the cash register.

Although I’ve had other jobs including College Admissions, I worked holiday retail, I was the Easter Bunny at the local mall, and we can safely say after working at a family restaurant… you don’t want me as your table server, haha. The nice thing is the experience gained at these jobs has helped me with our marina, which I joined full time in 1999.

Q: Your parents, Jerry and Joyce, opened the marina over 50 years ago. Do you have certain family values you carry over into your business?

Rockvam: Absolutely. Work hard! My parents started the marina and carefully grew the business. The story is quite inspiring. Looking back at what they developed from our house with the store in the lower level, one dock, and a warehouse, to the four warehouses, repair shop, fifteen pontoons, a boat club, dry stack for 120, two docks, and three forklifts and a full time crew of 6 and part time crew of over 30! That’s your work hard inspiration story that transcends all generations. Every day when you come to the marina you get to experience it, first hand. That’s a great motivator.

Q: Rockvam Boat Yards is one of the founding “First Five” of the Minnesota Clean Marina program. Explain what it means to be a Certified Clean Marina in the state of Minnesota. What has the certification means for the team at Rockvam Boat Yards?

Rockvam: The Minnesota Clean Marina Program was a journey.  It took a working committee of about 18 business and agencies to formulate and launch. Without the help of the DNR, MN-Tap, and founding partners, it would have stayed a great idea. The idea came to life when Jerry was at CMM training in 2001 and learned about the Florida program from another classmate. That’s when Jerry pitched the idea to his MInnesota colleagues, but it wasn’t until 2008 when Sunnyside, Afton, Windmill, Bayport and Rockvam’s got together and started the plan. The collective collaboration and industry contacts brought the team to 18. The “other team” includes the Clean Marina Programs before us and their ability to guide and advise us, which greatly reduced our launch time to success. That happened when we were able to certify the first five marinas in 2010! It’s a fantastic program where each marina need to meet criteria concerning 300 Best Management Practices, things from proper hazardous waste disposal, environmental spill equipment, and the education of boating public. Next is a visit from the certification committee. We are now over 20 marina’s that fly our Minnesota Clean Marina flag. Our goal is to continue to grow our certified marinas and achieve a revenue source to help us move forward!

Q: You are involved in many initiatives that focus on educating boaters on the importance of protecting our waters. Recently, you launched and the Clean Boater Pledge. Tell us about the programs and how they came to be.

Rockvam: Pontoon Girl focuses on the boating lifestyle for women… the “Water, Sun, Friends” aspect.

For the past 30 years I’ve watched people rent our pontoon boats. Paying attention to why they’re taking a cruise, what they bring, and how much fun they have.

Pontoon Girl captures the essence of how to enjoy your boat. The things “they” don’t tell you… such as appetizers that are boat friendly, festive drinks including non-alcohol ideas, super cute boat clothes. There’s a weekly theme in the free ToonDay Tuesday newsletter and even more ideas in our members VIP Pontoon Girl group.

Here’s the cool thing, the success of Pontoon Girl has given way to an amazing platform called and over 500 boaters in one month have taken the pledge! Get your customers to take the pledge, it’s super easy and it’s a wonderful way to engage the boaters across the country to be involved in clean habits. ALL boaters are welcome! In fact, I want them ALL to take the pledge and start practicing simple things, like using a mineral based sunscreen. Really, if you change one thing… this is it. The “footprint” of sunscreen in the water is devastating and it is HUGE. Research it, use mineral based sunscreen.

Q: Lastly, what are 5 things that people may not know about you?

  1. I’m a former national champion at baton twirling, I can twirl fire baton, and I performed at the Super Bowl.
  2. I can solve a Rubik’s cube, nerd alert… I have over 100 different types.
  3. I speak Japanese and I lived in Japan.
  4. Diet Pepsi and Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of the four food groups!
  5. My dog is big, fluffy, white, and his name is Mr. Pancake – but not because he’s big, fluffy, and white… he was actually named after the restaurant in the Wisconsin Dells (long story).

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9 Highlights from a Podcast on Dealer Week

Posted By Katie Eichelberger, Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Mike Davin, MRAA’s Director of Education, was recently featured on the Boat Dealer Profits Podcast talking about our reimagined conference experience, Dealer Week. We’ve summarized the 30-minute podcast into nine key highlights listed below (with timestamps). You can listen to the whole interview here.

  1. Dealer Week is built for dealers, by dealers. (1:50) We sat down with leading manufacturers, suppliers, and most importantly dealers and asked them, “What would make Dealer Week most valuable for you?” The collaboration was amazing, and we are excited to share the many things we are implementing this year according to their feedback.

  2. We did something dorky … we studied how people learn. (2:18) A conference is more than just sitting in the room and listening to the speaker. With Dealer Week, there will be opportunities to reflect on what you learn.

  3. NEW! Mike explains Education Hosts. (3:09) Sam Dantzler, Jim Million and David Spader will serve as your guides through the education at Dealer Week. (More about Education Hosts at the 13:00 mark)

  4. Extended educational session times with built-in dealer-to-dealer learning. (5:20) Through our research as well as experience from past conferences, we know the value that comes when dealers learn from each other. These conversations about challenges and opportunities will be integrated into our Education Pathways.

  5. What will be familiar? (7:34) Our mission and focus on education, industry connections and celebrating the accomplishments of dealers in 2019.

  6. What’s a Pathway? (9:00) Previously known as “tracks,” our breakout education sessions have transformed into Educational Pathways. Rather than being focused on specific areas of the dealership, they cut across various departments and will attract a cross-section of attendees. The Pathways are: the Dealership, the Customer and the Employee. We believe if you’re successful in those three areas, you’ll be successful as a business.

  7. Sneak peek into the education! (11:47) AKA the pain points you have in your dealership.

  8. NEW! 10x10 Sessions. (16:46) 10 industry leaders will spend 10 minutes discussing their take on the hottest topics in the marine world today.

  9. The goal of Dealer Week. (20:36) Dealer success always has and always will be the MRAA’s goal. At Dealer Week, we’ve brought together partners who believe in that mission as well. You can meet them in the Expo Hall!
Be the first to know when the Educational Pathway schedules are released as well as other fun Dealer Week news by following us on Facebook. Click here to see who’s already coming!

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