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Get Involved with MRAA
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How to Get Involved

One of the greatest benefits to come from being a member of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas can be found simply through getting involved. From the numerous face-to-face networking opportunities offered by our annual conference (the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo), our regional Marine Retail University educational events, and our numerous committees, to our online networking opportunities found within the groups, the discussions, and the collaboration done through this website, the MRAA offers you ample opportunity to further your skills and knowledge of the industry.

If you're seeking a formal opportunity to get involved with the MRAA, please explore becoming a member of our Board of Directors, our Young Leaders Advisory Council or one of the committees outlined below.

Board of Directors
The MRAA Board is made up of 11 Regional Directors, four at-large directors, and four officers. There are 10 U.S.-designated regions, and Canada became the association's 11th Region in 2012. The Board of Directors governs the association by creating the policies and procedures for the numerous programs and partnerships the association maintains in addition to providing leadership for marine retailers across North America. Visit our Board of Directors page to see a full list of the current Board. All Directors are selected at the Annual Meeting of the Association upon nomination by the nominating committee. If you would like to be considered for a position on the MRAA Board, express your desire to get involved before August 15 of each year.

Contact: Matt Gruhn
Phone: 763-315-8043

Benefits Committee
MRAA's Benefits Committee evaluates existing and potential member benefits for inclusion in the MRAA Rewards Program. This group looks for ways to improve, define and communicate existing benefits so dealers have a better understanding of the value of being an MRAA member. It is its goal to ensure that the programs offered by MRAA are both beneficial and add value to our membership and help to enhance their dealership operations.

Contact: Joe Hoffmaster, chairman
Phone: 703-494-7161

Conference Committee
The MRAA Conference Committee is the association's liaison to the annual conference, the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo, which is produced in cooperation with Boating Industry. Through its commitment to deliver to the dealer body the educational and networking resources it needs to develop and sustain the marine industry as a whole, MRAA dedicated this conference committee to work to provide an outstanding Marine Dealer Conference & Expo on an annual basis.

Contact: Rob Soucy, chairman
Phone: 207-767-3254

Long-Term Planning & Succession Committee
The Long-Term Planning Committee is positioned with purpose to ensure that MRAA operations flow through transitional staffing periods. The Long-Term Planning Committee establishes the qualifications and criteria for staffing opportunities within MRAA and its mission is simple: T
o provide the MRAA with a exemplary staff that assists and reports to the Board of Directors.

Contact: Ed Lofgren, chairman
Phone: 781-749-3250

Marketing Committee
This committee is responsible for the MRAA "brand."  It devises strategies to promote and enhance the association. It also provides information and recommendations to the MRAA Board on the association's presence on the World Wide Web, including its website.  It works closely with the other committees and the "Benefits" point person on this charge. The purpose of the Marketing Committee is to promote awareness of the Marine Retailers Association of America within the marine industry and gain greater recognition for the association's initiatives and accomplishments.

Contact: Joe Lewis, chairman
Phone: 352-383-3150

Membership Committee
The MRAA's Membership Committee monitors policies relating to members and the cost of membership and recommends needed changes to the Board of Directors. Above all, the Membership Committee is tasked with attracting the best boat dealers and industry partners to join MRAA.
Its official mission is to provide the MRAA Board of Directors with a set of recommendations that will increase membership by reviewing, redefining and promoting its benefits program, dues structure, and membership structure.

Contact: Larry Russo, Sr., chairman
Phone: 781-395-0050

Nomination Committee
The MRAA and YLAC both foster committees who focus on the growth and succession of the respective groups. The main focus of these committees is to ensure that the MRAA is a good representation of the marine retailer body within the United States and Canada and is constantly growing and providing new insights and ideas to better the organization and the industry as a whole. The committee works with the staff to prepare a slate of board and officer candidates for the annual meeting. The MRAA Nominations Committee seeks nominations for Board of Director positions and presents the nominees at the Annual Meeting of the Association to be voted on by the board of directors.

Contact: Ed Lofgren, chairman
Phone: 781-749-3250

Young Leaders Advisory Council
YLAC was created in 2009 when its board realized that it could benefit from some added input and man-power from the next generation of marine retailers. The group was established to help move the organization forward into the future and build it into an even stronger network of marine industry professionals. YLAC is composed of 15 marine industry professionals all under the age of 40 who have had at least 7 years experience in the marine industry. This group is driven by a mission to provide information and recommendations to the MRAA board on matters pertaining to the development and enhancement for the association. YLAC always accepts nominations from young people that offer a fresh perspective and strong leadership.

Contact: Ryan Hebert, chairman
Phone: 409-898-7632

8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428