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Hiring: Stop Doing It Wrong
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If you’re like most dealers, the hiring process has been wearing you out. Staff turnover and expansion can be expensive and exhausting. Unfortunately, regardless of the time, effort and money you invest in the search for good employees, there are no guarantees.

One solution is to turn the traditional hiring model upside down. Instead of interviewing each candidate individually and training new hires once they’re on board, you can host a Train & Hire event. This saves time and money, allowing you to interview multiple applicants, see them in action and begin training in one fell swoop.

Learn how to host your own Train & Hire event when you purchase the course, “Hiring: Stop Doing It Wrong” by Sam Dantzler, filmed at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo and available in the MRAA Interactive Virtual Training System. The course – priced at just $249 per year – provides you and up to 25 members of your team access to the entire one-hour course, including suggested interview questions for participants, a sample event agenda and a sample advertisement to promote the event. To purchase, click here to log into Once inside, enter the Training Center, then select “Workforce Solutions” and click on the name of the course.

Questions? Contact Liz Walz at or 315-692-4533

8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428