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Member Spotlight: Judy Herring
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Q: How did you get started in the boating industry?

A: I got my start in boating as a child. My first memory of being aboard a boat was about age 5, and I can still remember the feeling of the wind in my face... I’ve been hooked ever since. I'm a lifelong boater and have spent many years with my primary residence on the water. Boating is, quite simply, part of my life.

Regarding joining the industry professionally, it was actually a matter of chance. I knew someone who knew someone. The Nunmaker’s were looking to bring in someone who could handle their marketing in-house and do sales for the new dry storage marina they were building. I fit the role, and we have been growing together ever since.

Q: What is your current role with Nunmaker Yachts Inc. and how did you come to work for the company?

A: My current role is with Nunmaker Boat Group, which consists of both Nunmaker Yachts Inc. and Nunmaker Boat Sales, LLC. I'm the marketing director for both locations as well as the F&I manager for both dealerships. Additionally, I perform as a salesperson when the need arises.

Q: What are some beliefs Nunmaker Yachts espouses that you attribute to your overall success?

A: The Nunmaker Family has its roots firmly planted it its faith. They are intelligent businessmen and women, but they are driven by their beliefs and put their heart and soul into everything they do. There's not a single task they will ask you to do that they are not willing to do themselves. This down-to-Earth attitude commands respect, and I will go above and beyond for someone I respect and that I, in turn, believe respects me and appreciates what I bring to the company.

Q: What are some new marketing strategies that Nunmaker has begun implementing in its business and how successful have they been to date?

A: It may sound crazy that we have combined marketing and finance – areas many people believe are like oil and water. Eighteen months ago, I would have agreed; but it has worked for us. Much of what goes on in the F&I department is sales based. With a background in sales and marketing, adding F&I to my list of responsibilities has turned out to be a positive revenue stream for us. It also gives me direct insight into F&I for marketing purposes.

We host a number of events at our marina. Being directly on the river, with a large outdoor covered showroom, we are able to host live music, serve food and set up dance areas, in addition to having people hang out on their boats 20 feet away, enjoying themselves. New Orleans is known for Mardi Gras, and one of our favorite events here each year is our Mardi Gras party. I'm the current president of the Krewe of Tchefunte, a local Mardi Gras krewe in Madisonville, La. Each year, there's a boat parade that Nunmaker Yachts participates in, often acting as the grand marshall. Immediately following the parade, we host a customer appreciation and captain’s party with live music, great food, dancing, and, of course, a toast to the King and Queen. The Nunmaker Yachts event and parade also are used to raise money for the The Eplipesy Foundation of Louisiana.

In 2015, we're looking forward to the addition of a floating entertainment area at our marina for our customers who like to come hang out on their boats, and for our dry storage marina customers. Our goal is, as always, to keep giving our customers things to do with their boat.

Q: What prompted Nunmaker Yachts to become an MRAA member? Any special reason? Or perhaps just the prestige that comes with being an MRAA member?

A: Nunmaker Yachts decided to join MRAA as part of its efforts for continual improvement. We strive to do better today than yesterday. Joining MRAA provided access to data that allows us to better educate ourselves and that, in turn, allows us to better serve our clients. Lastly, not just every dealer is a member of the MRAA – we appreciate the national recognition that accompanies the MRAA status.

What are "Five Fast Facts" about yourself?

1. I’ve been in boating my entire life and I’m still nervous every time I have to dock
2. I was born with bright red hair – as an adult it’s become mostly blond, but I warn people as a precaution: I’m still a redhead on the inside
3. I saw Jaws in the theater at a very young age – I still think of it when I swim in a pool at night
4. I’ve been in some form of sales for a long time, but I still shut the door to my office and do a happy dance when I close a big deal
5. I try to live by our state’s mantra: "Laissez les bon temps roulez” (Let the good times roll!!).


Here at MRAA we love doing these "Member Spotlights," not only to learn about our members and their businesses, but also to find our members' hidden talents. During the interview process, we learned that Judy is a part-time professional photographer. Don't believe us? Just check out this gorgeous photo she took of Nunmaker Yachts!


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