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The Highest-Ranked Joint Action Items from the Summit
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The following is a list of the Top 10, highest-ranked joint action items that came out of the Summit. (Actually, there are 11 items here because the final two on the list tied in the ranking):
  1. All consensus joint actions developed during the Summit (and in any future initiatives) should have clear assignments/responsibilities and timelines associated with the joint actions to ensure implementation across stakeholder sectors. The joint actions should have milestones to evaluate and measure results/progress (metrics), and adjustments should be made as needed to ensure successful implementation of the joint actions.

  2. Encourage boaters to invite friends, neighbors and family boating and share stories online.

  3. Industry leaders from all stakeholder sectors should commit to delivering the message regarding the consensus joint actions for collaborating on a growth agenda (developed during the Summit) to their respective groups, associations and affiliations.

  4. Encourage the universal adoption and support of the "Discover Boating” and "Welcome to the Water” campaign as a joint strategy to focus resources across stakeholder sectors on a consistent marketing message regarding the boating lifestyle for the benefit of all stakeholder sectors. Identify a sustainable revenue source to support the program.

  5. Work with boat shows to help deliver basic boating education to help new boating consumers get started.

  6. Need to focus recreational boating recruitment efforts more on kids — summer camp programs, school programs and more kids events.

  7. Engage all like-minded boating industry and community constituents to speak with one voice and better leverage resources and influence what we already have.

  8. Form and strengthen partnerships between all industry groups at the state, local, national levels (e.g. SOBA; national associations; MTAs and others) and build a coordinated network of these groups so they can address common access issues with a single voice and a consistent message, provide information and connections with organizations who can aid in battles over local level regulations, challenges, funding restraints of access to the water.

  9. We need to learn as an industry to sell the boating lifestyle to different generations.

  10. Develop and implement a joint industry marketing strategy to grow boating as an industry across stakeholder segments/sectors.

  11. Expand American Boating Congress to all boating segments beyond manufacturers and get support and attendance from all areas. If ALL industry players, associations, dealers, came together, Congress will listen.
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