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Tiara Dealers' Path to Continuous Improvement
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Tiara Dealers:
Make a commitment to being the best!

Yacht sales. When done right, it’s the fuel that ignites the marine industry and businesses like yours to growth and prosperity.

But the greatest yacht manufacturing and the most compelling brand marketing messages can add up to absolutely nothing without a quality retail experience. Enter the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program.

And Tiara Yachts and the Marine Retailers Association are teaming up to provide you with a blueprint for maximum retail success. Through this partnership, Tiara Yachts is recognizing its Flagship Dealers, and participation as a Certified Dealer is one of the requirements.

But, more than a requirement, Dealer Certification is your opportunity to strengthen your foundation as one of the marine industry's leading dealers and simultaneously create a world-class retail experience for your customers.

Dealer Certification helps dealers like you adopt sustainable principles that lead to a thriving marine business for you and your team.

Enroll in Certification.

A tried-and-true program, Dealer Certification has contributed to the prosperity of hundreds of boat and yacht dealers during its decade of service to the marine industry, and whether you’re an established marine retailer with a proven history or you’ve just opened your doors to the public, you, too, can turn to Dealer Certification and its team of consultants to help you build a foundation for greater success.

Dealer Certification provides a customizable blueprint to help marine dealers establish efficient and effective processes. The program offers you the tools to engage your employees in your business’ success and create a retail experience that leads to higher levels of customer loyalty.

If your dealership puts a premium on a positive retail experience, Dealer Certification is for you. If your business and your team have the desire to improve, Dealer Certification is for you. If your dealership seeks to build a foundation for growth, Dealer Certification is for you. And if you and your team desire to be recognized as one of Tiara Yachts' Flagship Dealers the time to enroll is NOW.

Get Certified!

What more can you tell me?

Here at the Marine Retailers Association, our boat dealer members have one characteristic in common — a desire to be the best. But when we look at our Certified Dealers, just like Tiara Yachts' Flagship Dealers, they don’t just desire to be the best, they COMMIT TO BECOMING THE BEST. They’ve established systems and processes to help them achieve more. They’ve developed a discipline for consistency. They've lived up to specific standards and requirements. And they’re focused on a culture of continuous improvement.

In fact, that focus on continuous improvement underpins the foundation of the Dealer Certification Program. As a dealer establishes systems and processes through the program, Certification requirements like employee satisfaction surveys, tracking and trending customer experiences, educational credits and best practice sharing bring to life a feedback loop that strengthens Certified Dealers' operations even further. Certification’s efforts to help them standardize customer relations management, facility and website upkeep, and performance planning help make them the highest-performing dealers in the industry. The tenets of Dealer Certification work hand-in-hand with what Tiara views as the keys to success for its dealer network.

Now I’m ready to Get Certified!

What’s in it for me?

Becoming a Certified boat dealer gives you a competitive advantage that only the best of marine dealers can claim. Through meeting the requirements of the program, you will establish effective and efficient systems and process. You will create a culture of continuous improvement. You will generate not just satisfied customers but loyal fans. And your business will emerge stronger because of it. So, when you put that Certified Dealer logo on your front door, you make a commitment to yourself, to your customers, to your boat brand partners, and to your employees that you have committed to the requirements of a proven program and that you have committed to running the best dealership possible.

I’m convinced. Sign me up.

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