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Stat Surveys introduces new retail report

Monday, January 21, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Matt Gruhn
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Statistical Surveys, Inc., an MRAA Rewards benefits provider, has introduced a new marine dealer retail sales report. This report, to be formally introduced at the Norman-Spencer Marine Retail University event in Brockton, Mass., this Wednesday, is designed to provide marine dealers with the tools they will need to improve inventory turns and drive more sales by helping them understand how to stock the correct product for their market.

Additionally the report will provide the following features:

  • A map showing the placement of the boats being sold in your area, with a dot on a map for each unit sold.
  • All reports contain a two-year, percent-change indicator so you can identify the "hot products” for your market.
  • You can design the market boundaries for the area that you serve, even if it crosses state lines.
  • A ranking of the top boat models being sold in your area, by segment, and featuring a two-year comparison.
  • A ranking of the top boat lengths by type of boat.
  • A listing of the top cities by type of boat.
  • A ranking of the boat sales by zip code, by type of boat.
  • A section of sales by city with what is being sold in each city so that you will be able to view by city, by make and by boat type the boats that are being purchased in your area.

What is the benefit to you? For the first time ever you can be informed of the buyer’s product preferences in your area.

Many times a manufacturer representative will tell you that you should stock a certain make and or size because they are really moving at a national level. You may find that your market is completely different than what is happening at a national or even a regional level that’s not reflective of your territory. As an example, pontoons are selling very well nationally, but in Massachusetts they do not sell that well. So before you make a buying error that could cause you to ultimately discount at a loss to move the product, use the Dealer Area Report to help you stock the right type and amount of product.

Another important service of this report is to outline for you where the buyers are located. Once you understand where the buyer is, it’s just a matter of getting them into your dealership. This report will help you understand where buyers in your market are, giving you a distinct advantage over your competition.

This report is available at a discount of up to $120 annually to MRAA Members. Interested dealers can stop by the Stat Surveys booth at any Marine Retail University event or contact Ryan Kloppe, national marine sales manager at 616-281-9898, ext. 127.

8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428