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What are the Advantages of Housing the MICD program on

Wednesday, April 29, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lindsey Johnson
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The MICD Program recognizes that in order for dealerships to want to become Certified, the process by which they go about earning the distinction must be as organized, easy-to-manage and painless as possible. That’s why MRAA has conveniently housed the entire Certification program, from start to finish, on

Having the entire program available 24/7 online has a plethora of advantages for dealers, not the least of which is allowing them to complete the program at the pace that feels right to them. The MICD Program knows dealership principals are busy people and sometimes cannot be pulled away from customers, paperwork or myriad other daily tasks required at the dealership. The online program allows dealers to go into the system at their convenience and work on as much of the program standards as they can in one sitting. Progress on each section is saved, so no work is lost in the process. If the only time someone has to complete a few program requirements is at 10 p.m. on a Tuesday, or a Saturday afternoon, no problem; it’s available for you when you need it, for however long you have to dedicate to the process.

Not only is the program always accessible, but it’s also much easier to navigate. Certification requirements are easily explained in the online system, so it’s clear what dealers must do in order to meet each of the program standards. There’s also a video walk-through of each standard, explaining in detail what documentation dealers need to upload into the system to complete individual standards. It’s as if a personal guide is sitting right alongside you, personalizing the Certification experience and making it simple for dealers to follow along and advance through the program.

A big complaint dealers used to register about the previous iteration of the Certification program had to do with the binders dealers were required to keep in order to show proper documentation of standards met. We listened to that feedback when the program was revamped, and gone are the days of messy, cumbersome binders and folders exploding with unnecessary paper mess. With the entire program being housed online, there’s no need for a paper trail; all documentation is submitted and saved electronically, avoiding the muss and fuss. The new program is neat, clean and organized — making the entire process less of a headache for dealers.

Ditching the binders also made it much easier for dealers to know how far they’d come towards completing the program and actually becoming Certified. Tracking progress in the various steps and standards is a cinch on As mentioned above, you can save your progress at each step, stopping and starting when you need to. Dealers can check back in the system at any time to see how much they have completed and how much more they have yet to accomplish, always knowing how close they are to earning their Certified status.

The new MICD Program is loaded with advantages that make the process even more worth your while than ever before. If you have multiple locations, consider registering your other dealerships for the program. Discounts for multi-location dealerships are available, and the process is far and away the easiest, most straight-forward and effective it’s been in the history of the program.

To get started, visit, or contact MICD Program director Sonja Moseley at 763-333-2424 or

8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428