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Latest News: Dealer Certification

Data Shows Certified Dealers Outperform Non-Certified Dealers

Wednesday, June 17, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lindsey Johnson
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The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program is having a positive impact on the overall health and financial success of dealerships across North America.

Data collected from dealerships in the United States and Canada by the research division of Robert W. Baird & Company demonstrates that Marine Industry Certified Dealerships, on average, outperform their Non-Certified counterparts in several key metrics, including annual revenue generated, new boat demand, new and used retail sales, satisfaction with their current inventory levels, greater confidence in current and long-term business conditions, and access to retail and wholesale credit.

The MICD Program today released a "Performance Perspective” that spells out the Baird results in detail, highlighting aspects of the Certification program that are likely potential contributors to the uptick in results that Certified Dealers are reporting. The paper is available to all MRAA members, as well as interested non-members, and can be found at

"We originally created the Baird partnership to help give our members greater insight into the trends and key performance indicators that are driving the boat business across North America,” explains Sonja Moseley, MRAA director of Certification and Benefits. "But once we began digging into the numbers, it became clear that Certified Dealers were setting themselves apart from the industry norms.”

Data collected from both Certified and Non-Certified dealers between December 2013 and December 2014 (a total of 1,832 dealer submissions) reveals that when compared with Non-Certified dealers, Certified Dealers, on average:

· Generate 63 percent more revenue

· Report 15 percent higher retail sales for new boats

· Report 22 percent stronger demand for most new boat types

· Indicate greater access to both retail and wholesale credit

· Are generally more satisfied with business conditions, both currently as well as over a three- to five-year outlook

"The MRAA Pulse Report data serves to underscore that Certification has a positive impact on retailers across North America,” says Moseley. "By participating in the MICD Program, dealers have access to a proven template for running their business efficiently and effectively. The wealth of tools, strategies and best practices they can access through the MICD Program assists them in improving both their customer and employee satisfaction, as well as the dealership’s bottom line.”

The Pulse Reports not only chart critical information such as new boat retail demand, inventory levels and access to credit on a monthly basis, but they also dive into trending topics that are affecting retail and small business activity. MRAA members can access previous and current Marine Retailer Pulse Reports by clicking here.

For more information about the MICD Program or to enroll, contact Sonja Moseley at 763-333-2424 or

About the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program

Managed by the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA), the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program (MICD) is dedicated to improving the customer experience at the retail level. The first step in the Certification process focuses on establishing a high level of customer satisfaction through communication, appearance and quality. The second tier of Certification continues to enhance the customer experience by implementing processes for overall dealership functionality. At the program’s Five Star level, established organizational procedures are implemented to ensure smooth operations and happy customers. To learn more about the MICD Program, visit


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