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President Trump’s year-Round E15 Sales plan will do more harm than good, warns MRAA

Tuesday, October 16, 2018   (1 Comments)
Posted by: William Higgins
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The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, the leading trade association of North American small businesses that sell and service recreational boats, expressed grave concern over the Trump administration’s move to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to allow for the sale of gasoline with 15% ethanol, or E15, year-round.

Matt Gruhn, President of the MRAA, released the following statement:

“Multiple studies have proven that using gasoline blended with levels of ethanol higher than 10% poses major problems to marine engines including damage, increased emissions, and catastrophic failure. The dealers of MRAA have seen first-hand the damage that the decreasing availability of ethanol-free gasoline has caused to consumers. The President’s plan to introduce more ethanol into America’s transportation fuel supply will reduce the amount of E10 and low- or no-ethanol fuel available to consumers, and it will exacerbate the issue of misfueling at the pump.

Not only is E15 damaging to boats, it is also prohibited by federal law for use in marine and other small engines such as motorcycles and lawn care equipment. Boat dealers do their part to inform their customers about proper fueling, but consumer education and safeguards at the pump are woefully inadequate, with use of a small label on a gas pump being the extent of the government’s public campaign.  The label is clearly insufficient and is often overlooked by consumers. It is our concern that under this new plan inadvertent misfueling will increase dramatically during the summer months when people are enjoying their boats the most. Instead of implementing a plan that poses numerous dangers to the American consumer, President Trump should take the initiative to call for reforming the broken Renewable Fuel Standard.”


Lee Cappelletti says...
Posted Thursday, October 18, 2018

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