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15 REAL Reasons to attend MDCE

Friday, August 3, 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Matt Gruhn
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1. This isn’t last year’s MDCE. If you attended MDCE last year, or even the year before, and you think you learned enough to skip MDCE for a few years, you’re wrong. Dead wrong! This year’s MDCE is a whole new ball game … new speakers, new exhibitors, different location, different schedule. We took what worked best in 2011 and added a whole bunch of "new” and "better” and "just plain awesome.” Click here to see what’s in store for you in 2012.

You’re already convinced, aren’t you? Register now.

2. Your competitors will be there. The number of dealers in attendance at MDCE continues to grow, and that includes dealers from YOUR region, YOUR state and, yes, even YOUR locale. You don’t want them to get a jump on you by implementing all the new ideas that will be shared at this year’s event, do you? I didn’t think so.

Scary thought, right? Register now.

3. Proven strategies from other industries. Last year’s attendees asked to hear more about how leaders in other industries find success in today’s economy, and we listened. Just take a look at the breadth of experience of our keynote speaker, as well as that of Sam Dantzler (right), who moderates a Harley Davidson 20 Group; or Jennifer Robison, a facility design expert with a long list of powersports clients; and Joe Verde, the leading authority on auto sales.

Kinda risky to miss those sessions, don’t ya think? Register now.

4. Straight talk from the Industry Giants. OK, so we don’t call them "industry giants” any longer (size doesn’t matter, right?). But you told us you wanted to hear from leaders in the industry of all sizes and shapes, and we’re delivering. You’ll want to hear what challenges and opportunities they expect to face in 2013 because — guess what — chances are you’ll encounter some of the same ones.

Pretty much a no-brainer at this point. Register now.

5. It’s time to get digital right. Yeah, you have a website and a Facebook page and maybe you posted a video on YouTube once, but is it working for you? Are you getting the results you deserve? Attend our NEW digital mini-conference and gain an edge over your less tech savvy peers. We know consumers are online: it’s time to get that business for yourself.

Use our digital registration system to see if you’re even qualified to attend. Register now.

6. All the cool kids will be there. I know we’re supposed to be adults, but let’s face it: we like to have fun in the boating industry, and who better to have fun with than your dealer buddies. They know how tough it is out there. That’s why they glue themselves to their seat for three days of tips, advice and best practices. But they also know how important it is to blow off some steam with their comrades at the end of the day. And there are plenty of MDCE networking receptions (yeah, we mean parties) where you can do just that.

Tell me, where else can you eat, shop, party and learn so much for under $400? Register now.

7. Your staff needs it. Do your employees’ eyes start to glaze over when you give them yet another talk on customer service, profit margins or upselling? Are the challenges of today’s marketplace wearing on them? It’s probably time to bring them with you to MDCE. You can sit back and watch them get refreshed and fired up about their jobs again. And when you get back to the dealership, ask them to give the next team talk. The results just may surprise you.

Unless you don’t care for outstanding results, that is. Register now.

8. Save your dealership a ton of money. If you’re not up to speed on all the new benefits MRAA is offering members, you’re missing out. And MDCE is the place to catch up. At the new MRAA Rewards Pavilion, you’ll learn, first-hand, how the benefits of membership are saving MRAA dealers thousands of dollars (per month, in some cases), generating dealer revenue and enhancing dealer performance. Whether you’re an MRAA member already or not, you’ll want to check it out.

Did someone say enhanced performance? Register now.

9. Do your research. If the education you can get at MDCE is the No. 1 reason to be there, the No. 2 reason should be the research you can conduct on products and services for your dealership. The leading suppliers will have their best and brightest people on-site to demonstrate how they can help your dealership become more successful and more profitable, whether that’s a new Dealer Management System, a new boat brand or one of the tons of other profit-builders that will be on display in the MDCE Expo Hall.

Education + Networking + New Relationships = Sign Me Up Now.

10. Party with your Manufacturer’s Rep. One of the NEW features of this year’s MDCE is the Manufacturer’s Rep Training Workshop. Not only is this a prime opportunity for your rep to learn how to strengthen his relationship with you, it’s also a chance for the two of you to hang out and talk — away from the day-to-day pressures inside your dealership.

Sit in on their class and make sure they listen! Register now.

11. Gain extra credit. If you’re a certified dealer – or you want to become certified – MDCE is the place to pick up two of the three days of educational training you need to attain certification or to recertify.

Where could you ever find a better education? Register now.

12. Valerie Ziebron. Need we say more? If you’ve attended one of her previous sessions, you know she’s THE marine industry expert when it comes to effectively managing a service department. And she’s back with us at MDCE this year. If your dealership offers service, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear what she has to say about today's service trends.

And if you don’t offer service, then you REALLY better get there and learn. Register now.

13. Your future depends on it. I know, you think we’re being a little too dramatic, but have you noticed how the demographics of the North American population are changing? And those changes are accelerating quickly. If you’re going to succeed next year and the year after and the year after and … and … and, well, YOU are going to need to change, too. Get a clear picture of what this means to you from demographics expert Steve Murdock.

A can’t-miss session! Register now.

14. Don’t forget the Mouse. Most of us pretend we’re too grown up for Disney, but the truth is there are lots of lessons to learn from the Disney experience. Plus, it’s fun. So, if you'd like, bring the kids or the grandkids, but don’t hold back that scream on the rollercoaster or that laugh at Mickey and Goofy. Just let it out.

Use those "lessons” as your excuse to relax. Register now.

15. MRAA members get the best deal. If you’re an MRAA member, you can save $50 per employee you register for MDCE. That’s the best rate out there. So, if you’re not yet a member, it’s time to sign up. Send three people from your dealership, and your savings equal half the price of MRAA membership. Send six, and your membership just paid for itself.

That’s a great reason to JOIN MRAA AND to Register For MDCE now.

We'll see you there!

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