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COVID-19 Resources

This page includes content in the form of publications, podcasts and videos, in addition to some great marketing resources, for you to tap into to learn how you can respond to the uncertainty that today's market brings. We also have pages on:

Government Support: Insights on and links to stimulus packages and state/province programs.
MRAA Ask The Expert Webinars: Links to our regular webinars as well as free courses you can access
Industry Support:
Insight into how MRAA Partners are supporting their dealers.
MRAA Blog & Best Practices:
Tips and insights on navigating today's market place.

  DOWNLOAD NOWThe Boat Dealer's Guide to Working from Home


   DOWNLOAD NOW: 29 Tips to Sell and Service Boats Safely


  DOWNLOAD NOW: Remote Closing Process


  DOWNLOAD NOW: Communicate Safe Boating to Your Customers



Looking for the MRAA Blogs & Best Practices? Find all blogs here.


MRAA Publications

The MRAA produces regular Guides to Success. The following Guides have been hand-selected by our team from our library to address topics we think can help you through the current economic challenges. Download them for free below.

MRAA's Ultimate Guide to Dealer Solutions

Use this publication to find the courses to 
help you stabilize and survive today's economic environment.
REMINDER: All courses are free to all dealers through May 31. 

The Guide to Phone Skills

There's never been a better time to strengthen your team's phone skills.  
Use this Guide to Phone Skills to learn tips on training staff, 
auditing your dealership’s phone responses, advice on 
scripting calls, and how to market a phone number.

Job Descriptions That Amp Up Productivity

As you evaluate the roles and responsibilities in your dealership,
start with your job descriptions. This publication is designed to help you increase the productivity of the written descriptions and the people who fulfill those roles and ultimately create a more productive,
accountable and satisfying work environment.


MRAA Guide to Building a Foundation for Accountability 

Use this Guide to Building a Foundation for Accountability to help ensure that every initiative your team and your dealership undertakes is held accountable to the results you seek to achieve. During a slowdown in the economy there may not be a more important topic for you to focus on.

The Guide to Customer Relationship Management 

Customer relationships are important in all market conditions, but they can be the lifeblood of your dealership during markets like we face today. Use this guide to customer relationship management to help you find success today. Our thanks to CDK Global Recreation and DockMaster for their support in helping bring this to life.


The Guide to Dealership Improvement

While this publication was created to help you and your dealership should pursue continuous improvement, it provides several foundational building blocks for strengthening your business. It will help you consider what kind of improvement you might pursue, where in the dealership you might pursue it, and how to pursue it to generate the maximum return on your investment of time and money. And don't forget, the courses it recommends are FREE to you through May 31. Our thanks to Barletta Boats for helping to make this guide possible.




Marine Marketing in a Coronavirus World, Trade Only article by Wanda Kenton Smith

FREE Marketing Resources with this Discover Boating Social Toolkit
Includes free boating-related images, messages and captions (and instructions on how to use them) for you to use, courtesy of Discover Boating.

Marketing & Communications Best Practices from RBFF

POST THIS: Social Distancing While Boating from Sea Tow

State Agency COVID-19 Response Plugin from RBFF
A free website plugin to provide anglers and boaters with the latest State Agency response and updates for your area.



  • "Crisis Management vs. Crisis Leadership," with David Spader of Spader Business Management
    Description: There's always a difference between management and leadership, and that difference becomes
    more clear when we work under crisis. Spend seven minutes hearing David outline the differences and
    opportunities here for your business. 

  • "Things to Consider" Podcast by Sam Dantzler and Tony Gonzalez of Garage Composites
    • Tony and Sam, two of the highest rated speakers at MRAA events like Dealer Week, discuss the precarious position we all find ourselves in, offering perspective, ideas, some proactivity and the opportunity to think in a different manner about how you can weather some of the storm.

  • "Some Unspoken Pieces" Podcast by Sam Dantzler and Tony Gonzalez of Garage Composites
    • Tony and Sam discuss the main talking points and best practices that the GC team gleaned from their dealer base over the past week. Garage Composites held 21 webinars with their 20 Clubs and started to build a roadmap to help navigate our current situation. 

  • "Leading Thoughtfully and Effectively in a Crisis" by John Spence, John Spence, Inc.
    • Learn four areas of focus of the best leaders during times of uncertainty in this video by John Spence -- a leadership expert who has frequently spoken at MRAA conferences and prepared online learning for

  • "It's Time to Take Control" by John Spence, John Spence, Inc.
    • In less than 2 minutes, John Spence takes you through a quick workshop to regain control of the things you can control, even if it doesn't seem like much right now. 





The MRAA team is committed to ensuring that dealers have the tools they need to emerge from today’s market conditions stronger than ever. Our pledge during these economic challenges is to double-down on education, resources and advocacy on behalf of dealers and their supplier partners. MRAA Membership starts at just $395 — an all-access pass to our online educational course catalog (Silver Membership) is only $995 — and your membership dues fuel the MRAA’s ability to create the myriad resources you find here and throughout Monthly payment plans are available. Access the above resources at no cost and please support MRAA today.

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