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The MRAA Career Center includes tools for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, employee development and more.


  1. Marine Industry Guide to Growing The Workforce
    MRAA worked closely with the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association to develop this 10+1 Strategy guide. It includes local initiatives you can consider in developing your workforce.

  2. Annual Employee Training Plan Template
    Planning and implementing training programs at your dealership can often get lost in the day-to-day shuffle of selling and servicing boats. This guide can help you structure the training plans you'd like each of your employees to participate in throughout the year. Download it and use it for helping to develop the skills and abilities of your team.

  3. 10 Tips for Marine Dealership Performance Reviews
    Performance reviews can be a powerful tool for you as a manager, for your employees and for your business. It’s an opportunity to partner with each of your employees to make their job better, to make their results better and to make your business better. When employees feel like you care about their success and are dedicated to helping them become more successful, they’re much more likely to stick with you through the ups and downs. That’s why we developed this list of 10 tips for marine dealership performance reviews.

  4. Job Descriptions (MRAA Member Benefit)
    MRAA members have access to nearly 50 job descriptions for common positions around the typical dealership. Login and click the link above to download as many job descriptions as you'd like and then update the Word document templates to modify the job description for the unique position(s) you are seeking to fill. Not a member? Join here. 

  5. Employee Handbook (MRAA Member Benefit)
    MRAA Members can access this sample employee handbook for use as a guide or template for creating their own employee handbook.

  6. Marine Technical Schools
    Sometimes recruiting means starting with up-and-coming talent. We encourage our dealers to get active and remain active with tech schools in their regions and in their states or provinces. Doing so can help ensure that not only will the marine program remain a viable curriculum but will put those dealers in the driver's seat for recruiting new employees.

  7. Dealership Scholarships
    The MRAA Educational Foundation provides scholarships for technical and other training opportunities to the employees of MRAA Member dealerships.

  8. KPA's Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Guide
    KPA, a partner of MRAA, has put together a guide to determining employee classification within your business. Since the recent changes made to the Fair Labor Standards Act by the US Department of Labor ensuring your business is classifying your exempt and non-exempt employees properly is crucial to keeping your business in compliance, minimizing employee complaints and HR issues.

  9. Department of Labor: Guidance for Private Employers on Changes to the White Collar Exemptions in the Overtime Final Rule
    In view of the changes introduced by the Final Rule to the salary level in particular, the Department is providing this guidance to assist employers in preparing for implementation of the Final Rule. Part I of this guidance provides a brief background on the FLSA’s white collar exemptions and how they apply generally. Part II details some of the options employers may exercise in determining how best for their organizations to ensure that they comply with the Final Rule. This guidance, however, is not a comprehensive guide to coverage and compliance under the FLSA. 

  10. Frequently Asked Questions about the DOL Overtime Final Rule
    The Department of Labor has created a resource page that answers numerous questions you might have about the upcoming overtime laws. Follow this link to see if any questions you may have can be answered here.

  11. Exemption for Salesman
    In Title 29 – LABOR, CHAPTER 8 – FAIR LABOR STANDARDS, Sec. 213 - Exemptions, there is an exemption under Section (b) Maximum hour requirements, stating: 

    “The provisions of section 207 of this title shall not apply with respect to— . . . (10)(B) any salesman primarily engaged in selling trailers, boats, or aircraft, if he is employed by a non-manufacturing establishment primarily engaged in the business of selling trailers, boats, or aircraft to ultimate purchasers.” Click here to read the full exemption language. 

    This information pertains strictly to federal law. Overtime exceptions and obligations may vary by state.

  12. How to Hire More Veterans
    Whether you’re looking to fill an opening on your service, sales or management team, connecting with your local community of military veterans is likely to strengthen your pool of candidates. Military experience provides a unique combination of education, training, values, leadership skills and teamwork experience.

Please note: Some of the resources above were created to assist you with complying with the overtime law changes that went into effect in December of 2016.


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