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Welcome to Continuous Certification!
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Big News about Dealer Certification.

The MRAA Dealer Certification Program’s concept of “Re-Certification” has gone through a powerful revamp in response to dealer feedback. Under the all-new Continuous Certification program, which will officially launch in January 2018, the most valuable elements of “Re-Certification” will be merged with value-packed educational programming, customized exclusively for Certified Dealers. Successful completion of the new program’s coursework will not only qualify dealers for maintaining their Dealership Certification but will also strengthen those dealerships' operations and performance.

What does this mean to you?

  • No more checking the boxes you already checked when you first got Certified.
  • Relevant, timely and high-impact courses will be delivered to you on a regular basis.
  • Dealer Certification delivers more value than ever before!


Exclusive, Customized Curriculum

This exclusive, customized curriculum – based on the tenets of Dealer Certification – will feature video, reading materials, and dealer-to-dealer discussion forums. Dealers will participate in those educational programs, and will complete real-world exercises and testing in order to meet the requirements of maintaining their Certification. The curriculum will provide insight into the latest trends, strategies and best practices on topics critical to dealer success – and the training and tools dealers need to put what they learn to work in their business. What’s more: Dealers can invite any and all of their Certified location's employees to participate.

But you must be a Certified Dealer to enroll in this curriculum.

If you found value in the highly acclaimed content that MRAA creates for its annual conference or its online educational programming at, you will be blown away by the all-new Continuous Certification curriculum. The Dealer Certification content is:

  • An in-depth, hands-on educational experience;
  • Customized for marine dealers who have met the requirements of the MICD Program;
  • Available to Certified Dealers and their teams, on-demand without leaving the dealership;
  • Built to deliver upon the latest research on how the brain learns;
  • Designed to change behavior to deliver maximum results;
  • Delivered by some of MDCE’s highest-rated experts;
  • Brought to you by the same MRAA team that hand-picks the educational line-up at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo; and
  • Facilitated by MRAA's team of Certification Consultants to help you achieve real results.

The ALL-NEW Continuous Certification program will drive improvement for your dealership, introducing you and your team to a steady, structured stream of new ideas, processes, strategies and opportunities for growth and development. Preview the 2018 Continuous Certification Courses.


Quarterly Course to Drive Performance

You and your fellow Certified Dealers gain access to four BRAND NEW, purpose-built courses each year — one per quarter. You choose which team members you want to complete each course, and we expose them to the latest thinking and tactics driving marine retail success.

Not only will they be asked to submit their own learning objectives, complete each course component and participate in quizzes to test what they learned, but they also will complete a Commitment to Improvement document at the end of each course, and the progress toward those commitments will be tracked annually as part of your dealership’s Performance Improvement Plan.

In 2018, we expect to deliver the following four courses:

  • 1st Quarter: Take Your Dealership From Good to Great with CRM, by Sam Dantzler
  • 2nd Quarter: Improve Loyalty with a Customer Experience Mindset, by Theresa Syer
  • 3rd Quarter: The Essentials of Accountability, by John Spence
  • 4th Quarter: Strategy: A Path To Improved Performance, by David Spader

Want to take a no-risk, huge-impact trial to see if Continuous Certification is for you? Take a free trial of our Pilot Course, Buyer Motivation: The Keys to Building Value.

If you want to sample the power that these incredible courses will offer you, your team and your dealership, you can engage now with the Continuous Certification Pilot Course, Buyer Motivation: Key to Building Value. This course is free and available to any marine industry professional interested in seeing what this exciting evolution is all about.

  • DID YOU KNOW? Research shows that 70 percent of learning comes from real life, on-the-job experiences. That’s why MRAA's Continuous Certification curriculum includes exercises that allow you and your team to apply what you learn.
  • DID YOU KNOW? A key step in the learning process is to consider how the new material you learn applies to what you already know and experience in your job. MRAA's ALL-NEW Continuous Certification program provides a platform on which you can discuss, with your team and other Certified Dealers, how these strategies and practices could impact your dealership.
  • DID YOU KNOW? The final step of any good learning process is to test what you’ve learned in your work. As part of MRAA's Continuous Certification curriculum, you’ll be challenged to complete exercises in which you apply the new strategies and tools you learn through the courses.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Your brain needs repetition in order to retain and apply new information. That’s why each of MRAA's Continuous Certification courses will present multiple opportunities for dealers to be exposed to new material: From videos, white papers and articles to online discussion and exercises.

Continuous Certification enrollment is now open, and you can inquire about your eligibility by contacting the MRAA offices. Just contact Nikki Duffney at 763-333-2420 or The Pilot Course is available at no charge at, and the official Continuous Certification Curriculum rolls out on January 1st. The annual program is available for just $999, and only $899 for MRAA Members. But you must be a Certified Dealer before you are eligible to enroll. So get Certified today.

Put yourself, your team and your entire dealership on the track for greater success in the year ahead, and enroll today.

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