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Employee Handbook
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When you first start a job, you want to know what’s expected of you at the new company. Who reports to whom? What can and can’t I wear? How much vacation time do I get? What happens to me if I break company policy? All of these questions are standard on the part of new employees, and your dealership needs to be ready with answers. Developing an employee handbook takes the guesswork out of the who, what, when, where and whys and puts everyone on as level playing field. When people know what they are supposed to be doing, they typically feel more confident, and more often than not they wind up living up to (or exceeding) your initial expectations. 

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas is providing this sample employee handbook for information purposes only, and makes no warranties or representations as to its use.  This sample should be used as a template for creating your own employee handbook, and modified in accordance with local, state, or federal law in effect at the time of its creation or revision.  Please consult with your legal counsel before implementing any policies contained within this sample employee handbook or distributing this employee handbook to employees. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Download the MRAA Employee Handbook Sample


This sample handbook includes the following policy templates:

Personal Administration
Your Personnel File
Employment Classifications
Full-Time Employees
Part-Time Employees
Temporary/Intern Employees
"Non-Exempt" and "Exempt" Employees
Employment Policies
Anniversary Date
At Will Employment
Business Hours
Confidential Information/Non-Compete Agreement
Outside Employment
Client Relations
Cash Reporting
Conflicts of Interest
Equal Employment Opportunity
Former Employees
Harassment Policy
Employment Applications
Probationary Period
Job Descriptions
Proof of Right to Work in the USA
Standards of Conduct
Disciplinary Actions/Unacceptable Activities
Serious Offenses

Wage & Salary Policies
Deductions From Paycheck (Mandatory)
Error In Pay
Overtime Pay
Travel Time
Work Performed on Company Holidays
Pay Cycle
Reporting Time Pay - Inclement Weather & "Acts of God"
Termination & Severance Pay
Time Sheets/Records
Wage Assignments (Garnishments)
Employee Purchase
Performance & Compensation Reviews
Performance Reviews
Compensation Reviews
Work Schedule
Absence or Lateness
Meal Period

The Benefits Package
Eligibility for Benefits
Paid Leaves of Absence
Paid Holidays
Holiday Policies
Amount of Vacation
Vacation Policies
Funeral (Bereavement) Leave
Unpaid Leaves of Absence
Jury Duty
Military Leave of Absence
Military Reserves or National Guard Leave of Absence
Personal Leave of Absence
Insurance Premium Payment During Leaves of Absence
Insurance Coverage
Health Insurance
Termination of Insurance
Government Required Coverage
Workers' Compensation
Unemployment Compensation
Social Security
401(k) Retirement Plan (Max 401 PSP)
Benefits Continuation (COBRA)
Marine Retailers Association of the Americas Member Benefits 

Company Meetings
Computer and Email Usage
Internet Usage
Social Media Policy
Company Vehicles
Dress Code/Personal Appearance
Employee Incentive Plan
Family Medical and Leave Act
Exit Interviews
Expense Reimbursement
First Aid
Resolving Problems
Payroll Advances
Use of Phone and Mail Systems
Personal Tools/Instruments
Use of Equipment and Organization Vehicles and Vessels
Customer Vehicles or Vessels
Return of Company Property
Safety Rules
Safety Equipment
Solicitations & Distributions

Receipt & Acknowledgment Employee Handbook
Receipt & Acknowledgment of Social Media Policy

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