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Legislative Issues You Should Be Aware Of
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The Advisory Council of Marine Associations met and created the following resolutions in Orlando at the 2016 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo, and the MRAA Board of Directors approved them as the association's legislative agenda for 2017.:

  1. With major corporate tax reform proposals expected to be sent to Congress by the new Administration, MRAA should immediately undertake a survey of its retail members to identify any current tax policies retailers could want to protect, change or eliminate.

  2. With the new Administration expected to propose a trillion-dollar federal infrastructure plan to Congress soon, MRAA will work with various stakeholders in the outdoor recreation industry to convey our efforts to the 115th Congress and the new administration, and actively advocate for inclusion in the Army Corps of Engineers missions under the Water Resources Reform & Development Act (WRRDA).

  3. Workforce development remains a priority for the marine industry. MRAA should seek and support all legislation, on federal and state levels, that increases the creation of, access to and funding for vocational training programs and facilities on the high school and community college levels such as through the availability of Pell and other government grants, corporate and government scholarships and any other form of financial assistance.

  4. Ethanol above the E10 level remains a denunciation of the economic and social importance of boating in our nation. MRAA should be engaged in advocating for and supporting all revisions to the Renewable Fuel Standard, the Food & Fuel Protection Act and other similar efforts to cap the amount of ethanol in fuel supplies at 10 percent. 

  5. While temporarily postponed by a court order, and the belief in many quarters that the subject is not dead, MRAA should now review its position on the Department of Labor’s new overtime regulations by assessing the actual impact on member dealers and continue to review the ramifications of all relative legislation. 

  6. Become a strong and vocal advocate for conservation and environmental issues that affect the recreational boating industry. This includes:
  • Efforts to continue full funding of the Great Lakes Restoration Program, recognizing that one-third of all recreational boating and usage occurs in this region of the country; And closely monitor other Great Lakes issues on the federal level and regularly communicate them with the MTA’s in that region.
  • Algae blooms are rapidly impairing waterways nationwide. MRAA should develop a policy position and draft an action plan to address this problem.
  • Advocate for and support all actions that will help stop the spread and introduction of aquatic invasive species into the nation’s lakes and rivers, for example, by supporting all proposals by U.S. regulatory agencies that would prevent the discharge of ballast water from foreign ships in U.S. waters, among other initiatives. 
  1. Recognizing that fishing is a cornerstone of success for many marine retailers across the nation, MRAA should make it a priority to be fully engaged on all levels, federal and state, in issues that could impact access to fishing for recreational boaters; and advocate for complete recognition of recreational boating and fishing’s enormous positive economic impact.  

  2. Actively support local and state marine trade associations, where and when specifically requested, in their efforts to gain favorable boating legislation and regulations on a state level.



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