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MRAA Lifetime Achievement Award
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MRAA Lifetime Achievement Award

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas’ Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to recognize and promote marine retail professionals who have made fundamental, significant and sustained contributions to the marine industry.

Nominees for this, MRAA’s most prestigious award, should have:

  • Worked most of their career in marine retailing;
  • Made a positive impact on the industry or boating community at large, above and beyond the positive impact they should have made on individual businesses or employers;
  • Earned recognition by other industry or related business groups;
  • Exhibited business, community, and industry leadership via participation in or impacts on boards, government, associations, committees, 20 Groups or other groups;
  • Earned the respect of their peers and employees;
  • A current MRAA membership.

Anyone who lives up to these criteria is eligible for recognition, although individuals selected for this award should normally be in or near their retirement. The award may be received posthumously.

Nominations may be submitted by anyone (and you may nominate yourself), but nominations may not be made anonymously. The burden of offering evidence of merit falls on the nominator.

Nominations should include the nominee’s complete resume and/or career summary; a clear-cut, comprehensive description of the nominee’s major contributions to marine retailing, with supporting documentation; and at least three letters of endorsement, providing further evidence of the significance and magnitude of the nominee’s professional achievements.

Selection of the recipient will be made on the basis of the nominee’s contributions to the industry; the lasting impact of those contributions; and the demonstration of a lifetime commitment to the business of selling or servicing boats, and delivering consumers an outstanding boating lifestyle.

Submissions are due by Friday, October 6th.


Apply Today:

Section 1: Overview
Please provide an overview of the individual, their achievements and the reason for the nomination.

Section 2: Applicants will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Accomplishments realized while working in marine retailing. Explain the magnitude of contributions and achievements in the marine industry, outlining notable accomplishments such as the nominee’s significant contribution(s) to the advancement of marine retailing, including examples of leadership, business advancement and innovative and/or best business practices, and/or awards or recognition from professional or industry groups, in addition to sustained business metrics and success. How will the nominee’s story inspire others to higher standards in their work or to improve the reputation of the marine industry?
  • History of service to the marine industry, in particular, positions of leadership the nominee has held in marine retailing. Any other known history, such as participation in associations, on boards, committees and workgroups, and any examples of the nominee representing the marine industry to other organizations or at local, state or national meetings. Please demonstrate the nominee’s dedication to the marine industry.
  • Leadership. Please demonstrate how the nominee has made a difference and influenced the progress of business in the marine industry. The nominee’s leadership within the industry, including, but not limited to positively influencing policy or practice on a local, state/provincial, or national level. This may include government committees and work groups, advocacy, senior positions, association board or committee roles, or other industry participation.

Section 3: Supporting documentation
Please ensure you provide any necessary supporting documentation, including three letters of endorsement.

Section 4: How to apply
Please send nomination/application to:
Matt Gruhn
8401 73rd Ave. N, Ste. 71
Minneapolis, MN 55428;
or via email at

Deadline: Friday October, 6th

8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428