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Data & Case Studies
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Certified Dealers, Higher CSI Scores

New data indicates dealerships completing the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program continue to receive higher CSI scores than their non-Certified counterparts. Measuring customer satisfaction across multiple areas, the 2015 National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Customer Satisfaction Index again draws a clear distinction between Certified and non-Certified Dealers. Continue reading

MICD Case Studies

This ongoing series of case studies examines individual dealerships/brands enrolled in the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program and explores how the MICD Program has provided practical solutions to common, real-world problems. Each case study includes quantitative evidence, a detailed analysis of operational procedure, actual data provided by dealership management and recommendations on how peers could benefit from the MICD Program.


Clark Marine: Becoming an "A" Dealer

Clark Marine owner, Rob Brown, desscribes himself as a "glorified technician". When he took over ownership of Clark Marine in 1997, he had little to no business knowledge but found the Certified Dealership Program. Through this discovery, Clark Marine gained access to valuable tools for doing business in the Marine Industry. Read the full case study.

Reed's Marine: The Art of Succession

It all started when a pair of childhood friends had a simultaneous mid-life crisis and decided to buy a small marina in southeastern Wisconsin. Harold Johnson and Tom Shallcross grew up together in suburban Chicago, stayed in touch through the years and in 1971 leapt at the chance to ditch their 9-5 jobs for life on the lake. Read the full case study.


Gordy's Lakefront Marine: How the MICD Program Helps Set the Standard

Rallee Chupich navigates a pristine entrance to Cobalt Farms. There’s a manicured roundabout, adorned with signage and landscaping fit for a palatial estate. The presentation of the property belies the approach most boat dealers take for their service departments and storage facilities. Read the full case study.


Oak Hill Marina: How the MICD Program Keeps Oak Hill Marina 'On Track'

Tim Sather and Jake Jostand, co-owners of Oak Hill Marina in Arnolds Park, Iowa, are two of the newest — and youngest — marine dealership principals in the U.S.. Jake says working at Oak Hill has been the only job he’s ever really known, advancing his way from teenaged gas dock attendant to showroom sales manager and finally the dealership’s captain chair. Read the full case study.


MICD Performance Perspectives

Participation in the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program places North American marine retailers among the industry’s elite businesses. These companies, on average, outperform their Non-Certified counterparts in several key metrics. The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program Performance Perspectives explore the those metrics and outline the most up-to-date data on Certified Dealerships. 


 2014 Pulse Report Results 

Baird and MRAA collected 13 months worth of data from December 2013 through December 2014 from 1,832 dealer submissions. This data demonstrated that Certified Dealers, on average, out-performed their Non-Certified counterparts in several areas, including annual revenue, reported new boat demand, new and used retail sales, satisfaction with inventory levels, and access to wholesale and retail credit. Read more



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