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MRAA Webinars

This page includes content in the form of MRAA Webinars and course recommendations, for you to tap into to learn how you can respond to the uncertainty that today's market brings. We also have pages on:

COVID-19 Resources: Publications, articles and other media with advice and insights on how you can respond.
Government Support: Insights on and links to stimulus packages and state/province programs.
Industry Support:
Insights into supplier support of dealers throughout the industry.
Blogs & Best Practices:
Insights and tips on how to navigate today's market place.



  • Coming Soon: What Dealers Need to Know about the Latest U.S. COVID-19 Mandates with Kevin Timson and Susan Bartkowski of Bellavia Blatt, P.C. (June 2, Noon Eastern. Register Now.)
  • Coming Soon: How to Make the Best of the Mad Rush in Service with Valerie Ziebron (June 4, Noon Eastern. Register Now.)


WANT MORE? Check out these FREE COURSES on

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, MRAA has made all standard educational courses found at available free of charge to any dealer and their staff, including both MRAA members and non-members, who wants to use the content from now through May 31st. Simply log in using your pre-existing account or create a new one. Instructions for adding staff to your account are here. Instructions for creating a free non-member account to access are here (creating) and here (accessing).

The courses below have been hand-selected from the MRAA catalog to highlight the types of topics that are available. While there are around 130 available in all, these courses feature our staff-picks and popular courses among dealers to help navigate today's marketplace. Most courses feature a downloadable worksheet. To access, follow the instructions above and then click the link at the top of this page.

A is for Attitude
Sales is a transfer of enthusiasm, period. Research shows that the beliefs and attitudes of you and your team members directly impact the rest of your team, your customers and your company’s results. No other strategy or initiative makes a bigger impact on your company’s bottom line. In this session, learn how to influence your team’s attitudes and beliefs and increase dealership performance. 

Texting Customers: Do's, Don'ts and How to Make it a Win-Win
Take a deep dive into the best way to use text messages to communicate with customers (and prospects). Explore legal and privacy considerations of texting, sample scripts, how to create a texting policy, the best practices for outreach, team training and what the future of texting looks like.

Supercharge Your Customer Experience
7 Key Emotional Motivators that can shift the tide emotionally for customers. Learn how to develop your own Key Emotional Drivers that will affect those Emotional Motivators and keep customers coming to you, working with you and ultimately buying from you.


Develop Your Sales Staff's Mental Toughness
Our mental toughness directly correlates with how often we discount and how much money we earn. Therefore, how you and your sales team handle the mental ups and downs that go with the job will dictate whether you find sales success or sink into mediocrity. Discover techniques to “prime” yourself and your salespeople for tough selling situations. You’ll learn the systems and tactics to stay strong together and realize the sales and profit benefits.

Developing Your Personal Brand

The first interaction most prospects have with the dealership is online. That's why it can be so valuable for you and your employees to learn how to create powerful, positive and purposeful images of yourselves online. Through this course, you will understand how to build a personal brand that contributes to boosting your credibility and that of your dealership growing your reach and ultimately increasing dealership sales.

Buyer Motivation: The Key To Building Value

Through this in-depth course, learn how you can build value in the sales process by discovering the triggers behind buyer motivation. This great sales course will help you and your team learn to sell more boats.

The Agile Dealership: Confidently Responding to Change & the Unknown
No one knows exactly when the next recession will hit, but we do know that if we’re not prepared for change,we’re in big trouble when it comes. This course will help dealers identify, monitor and respond to the key issues they face now and in the future. It will cover characteristics of the agile leader, concerns employees have during change, and indicators you can use to ensure your business is on track.

Intrapreneurship: Developing Early Adopters & Harnessing Innovation in Your Company
There have always been go-getters in dealerships who try to move the needle forward and push the status quo to become champions of your brand. Intrapreneurship is creating and harnessing this culture to better serve our customers and retain our team. This course will help you learn how to take advantage of the creativity and enthusiasm within your workforce.

Master Your Time & Stress
Working in a marine dealership can be extremely stressful. And there never seems to be enough time for everything that you and your team need to do, which only adds more stress to your plate! In this session, learn how to avoid the most common dealership time crushers; gain control of your day; and manage stress in ways that can improve your job performance and satisfaction.

Telling Ain't Training
This "training for non-trainers" course will cover what every manager should know about training. It will teach managers how to take the information they've learned and share it with their teams in a way that will engage them and help them remember it. It will cover: What training is, why most training fails and what makes training successful, basic adult learning principles, and more.

How to Hold Your Digital Accountable
Developing a gorgeous website, producing stunning videos and posting social media content that gets shared across the Internet is great, if it generates enough leads to be worth your time and money. During this course, you’ll not only learn what data to collect, how to collect it and how to analyze it to determine how your digital marketing is performing, but you’ll also gain new strategies for using digital to take the pace of your lead acquisition up a notch, regardless of your budget.

Increase Closing Rates with Content Marketing
Content marketing can be the greatest sales tool in the world. If your dealership knows how to properly use it. During his presentation, Sheridan will not only explain the powerful effect great content has on the buying process, as well as the impact it has on leads, appointments and closing rates, but he’ll show you how to use it to get the results you’re looking for. 



The MRAA team is committed to ensuring that dealers have the tools they need to emerge from today’s market conditions stronger than ever. Our pledge during these economic challenges is to double-down on education, resources and advocacy on behalf of dealers and their supplier partners. MRAA Membership starts at just $395 — an all-access pass to our online educational course catalog (Silver Membership) is only $995 — and your membership dues fuel the MRAA’s ability to create the myriad resources you find here and throughout Monthly payment plans are available. Access the above resources at no cost and please support MRAA today.

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