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Marketing Resources
Marketing is a key component to your success. We've combed the industry to find resources that are available to you, in addition to compiling some of our own. All of them will help you run a more efficient, cost-effective marketing plan. Through Discover Boating and the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation, numerous marketing materials are also made available to you.


  1. How to write a marketing plan for your business
    Boating Industry magazine compiled a complete report on how to write a marine-specific marketing plan, complete with interviews with industry marketing experts and a step-by-step process for putting your plan in place. Gain access to it by clicking the link above.

  2. Social Media Resources for your business
    Compiled from various resources found throughout the internet, MRAA has put together a document of social media resources that are free for you to use. From setting up your profiles to managing paid ads, this document will provide you with the tools and the resources you need to better your social media practices.

  3. Discover Boating Marketing Toolkit
    Each year, Grow Boating makes numerous tools and resources available for your dealership to use to market to prospects and current customers. Make sure your marketing messaging is in tune with the national Discover Boating campaign by engaging with these resources and using them to sell more boats. Simply visit the link above.

  4. Take Me Fishing Resource Center
    The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation also provides an impressive number of tools and resources that you can use to engage more people in boating. Check out the resources available at the link above to expand your exposure to prospects and current customers.

  5. Boating Safety Resources
    Promoting Boating Safety is essential to the longevity of promoting the boating lifestyle. When we create more awareness for consumers, they rely on us as a source of information around safe and healthy boating. Below are resources from MRAA partner, Sea Tow, to help you provide content for newsletters, marketing materials and more! 

  6. Boat Loan Calculator
    Help show your potential customers how affordable boating can be by linking this boat loan calculator, provided by the Discover Boating campaign, on your website.

  7. How To Better Manage Discover Boating Leads
    Discover Boating leads are different than your typical lead. These are people who have expressed an interest in participating in boating and perhaps buying a boat. They need to be nurtured a little differently. ARI Network Services has produced this 12-page overview on best practices for nurturing these leads. Featuring a complete prospect management process in addition to checklists, letter templates and more, this document will help you capitalize on the leads as the Welcome to the Water campaign continues to deliver results. Download it today.

  8. Boating Industry's Marketing Tactics White Paper
    When it comes to marketing, we all want the most bang for our buck. And at no time is that more essential than when the economy has slowed and sales "aren't what they used to be." To overcome the challenges and continue to sell boats, you need cost-effective and proven marketing tactics, and that's exactly what Boating Industry and Boat Trader have delivered in this white paper. Download it now to get your hands on such topics as "a marketing recipe for success," "7 questions your marketing plan should answer," "24 ways to increase your exposure." And learn how to market your specific competitive advantages.

  9. Boating Industry's eProfitability White Paper
    By now, we all know that the Internet is being used for most consumers’ educational purposes, especially when it comes to big-ticket purchases such as boats. But the reality is, those consumers — in most cases — must still visit the show room or the boat show in order to make the purchase. So it stands to reason that the real problem with any perceived decrease in traffic or sales may be found in the average marine dealer’s approach to conducting business online. Through this e-White Paper, Boating Industry and Boat Trader offer an impressive list of expert advice, tips, ideas and best practices for you to study and learn from. Download it today.


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