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Norman-Spencer Marine Insurance Services
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Since 1988, Norman-Spencer has been providing business insurance and risk management services to the members of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas. In fact, Norman-Spencer is the original and founding member of the MRAA Rewards Program.

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Norman-Spencer’s team of experts has saved MRAA members thousands of dollars. One member, in fact, saved more than $350,000 on their insurance premiums in just the last four years — all because they took the time to request a quote from Norman Spencer. It goes without saying that this is a savings that was well worth the time it took to request that quote.

If you give Norman-Spencer the opportunity to provide your business with a quote, the Norman-Spencer team will review your current insurance, your operation, and your coverage requirements. They will provide you one-on-one consultation regarding what you may need on your current insurance program, in addition to offering you some alternatives through their markets.

Norman-Spencer’s team of professionals has helped numerous MRAA members improve their insurance situation. They have done this by offering insurance through their own proprietary programs as well as by advising members to keep their current insurance program in place.

Norman-Spencer has MRAA members’ best interests at heart.

With years of experience, commitment and dedication to the marine industry the Norman-Spencer team provides solid counsel. Its team members are involved in numerous industry associations, have team members who have owned boat dealerships and marinas and all have the same passion for boating that you do.

They have achieved success by working to meet your needs, not theirs. That alone is worth you taking the time to talk to them.

Visit Norman-Spencer online or contact Mark Yearn at 810-360-0757 or

8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428