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Member Spotlight: Roger Moore
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When the opportunity to purchase Nautical Ventures in Dania Beach, FL presented itself to Roger Moore (and business partner Jeff Garcia), in 2010, they jumped on the chance to turn the then kayak and sailboat retailer into the boat dealership it is today. Check out the interview we had with Roger to learn about his personal feats (like sailing around the world) and how Nautical Ventures have grown in the last few years.

Q: How did you get started in the boating industry?

Moore: I was a successful California businessman-turned-entrepreneur who one day sold everything to buy a 63-foot Cheoy Lee Motorsailor and embarked on a 13-year, 42,000 nautical mile journey around the world with my wife Samantha. In 2006 we dropped anchor in Ft. Lauderdale, where I retired my Cheoy Lee and bought an 84-foot Delta Expedition Yacht. In the process I met a local broker, Jeff Garcia, became a yacht broker myself, and the two of us partnered to form QPS Marine, a marine company that refurbished and resold boats. In 2010 our business neighbor, Nautical Ventures, mentioned he was selling the business. At the time, Nautical Ventures was primarily a Hobie Kayak and Sailboat retailer. But I saw the opportunity to turn it into a boat dealership. So, we bought the company and turned it into the dealership it is today.

Q: What is the most interesting aspect of your current role at the dealership?

Moore: I feel it’s in the brand development and brand maintenance of our dealership – Nautical Ventures. This constantly requires new and innovative approaches to grow the business. This would include new product & brand acquisitions, expansion in to key geographical markets, hiring key personnel who support our vision, establishing financial conduits to supply strategic capital when needed, and creating innovative marketing programs to get the word out about Nautical Ventures.

Q: Nautical Ventures has been growing its operations. What would you say is the secret to your success?

Moore: Customer satisfaction across all departments. We offer top quality water sports products and support along with a highly trained and caring staff. We are dedicated to educating and advising our customers, so as to provide an extra-ordinary buying experience.

Our waterfront location, along with our motto, “Try-It-Before-You-Buy-It” affords customers that opportunity and it has proven to satisfy our customers and build relationships.

Q: You are going through Dealer Certification. What compelled Nautical Ventures to become a Certified Dealer?

Moore: In order to provide our customers with an extra-ordinary buying experience, then we have to be an extra-ordinary dealership, complete with sales staff and service personnel who can treat our clientele in a manner they expect. I feel that by going through the Dealer Certification program, the MRAA lays out a definable path for us to follow, so as to become the best dealership possible.

Q: As a dealer that puts an emphasis on growing and continuously learn, what would you say was the most important thing you learned in the business this year?

Moore: I would say it’s the importance of sales training and having a system in place to take full advantage of the narrow window of opportunity we have with potential new customers. Customer inquiries move at a very fast pace these days. A timely response by an attentive and knowledgeable sales person can make all the difference in making the sale.

Q: What are 5 things that people may not know about you?


  1. I live full-time on my boat and haven’t owned a house in 30-years.
  2. I’m a self-taught classical guitarist.
  3. I’m a former pilot, one of the youngest hired by TWA.
  4. I hold several patents in the field of water purification.
  5. I once owned a monkey who traveled 3-years with us on our round-the-world voyage.

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