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Keller Media Works
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Keller Media Works is proud to partner with MRAA in support of its drive to create a more robust industry for all its members. Our mission is to help MRAA member businesses grow by creating stunning visual content, and engaging their audiences through vibrant images and stories. To realize this, we provide personalized, nationwide (and international) tools and resources that engage and inspire the customer base, both B2B and B2C.

Keller Media Works Founder, Benjamin Keller: “I can’t think of a business built more on imagery than the Marine Industry. It’s inspirational and aspirational, an amazing story to be told. One that I love personally, and one that consumers on every level can’t help but be drawn to. Harnessing the power of the visual is what will connect consumers and grow marine businesses. We work on a personalized level to make that happen."

Keller Media Works provides a complete suite of visual media solutions to better connect businesses to their intended audience and beyond. The most effective way to engage any group is through a visual presence. We work with marine businesses to organically create and deliver the right message for their target audience.  Whether the goal is sales, communication, entertainment or engagement. We work in partnership on any and all parts of the process, from creation, to strategic distribution and managing a visual presence.

Keller Media Works offers MRAA members a suite of options to work together.

Our capabilities include marina, sales, manufacturing, event, and specialized environments, across the length and breadth of the Marine industry. Whether it’s producing, writing, shooting, editing or delivery, Keller Media Works is the solution. We offer a significant discount to MRAA members based on project. From concept to distribution we can create, manage and maintain visual media and marketing strategies, across multiple platforms internally and externally, using traditional and cutting edge technology and methodology. Some of the services we provide are:

  • film and video services (concept to delivery, and everything in between)
  • still photography
  • aerial imagery
  • splash imagery
  • VR imagery
  • small capture productions
  • large crewed productions
  • small events
  • major library shoots
Keller Media Works will make it happen. Working in partnership with businesses we can design and create a personalized visual profile across all platforms, develop and manage social media strategies, and manage and host digital signage. Your visuals are key, let us help you tell your story.

Learn more at or reach out to us at 207.318.8268
8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428