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Rollick, Inc. SalesDriver

Rollick’s mission is to provide a seamless customer experience from pre-purchase through re-purchase by helping manufacturers, dealers and affinity partners connect with their customers through an ecosystem of marketing and technology solutions.

With the SalesDriver solution, dealers can access more customers by marketing their inventory to millions of consumers who are members, customers and employees of America’s most trusted brands. SalesDriver also provides dealers with ways to differentiate their website and sales process, as well as automate their marketing process, ultimately leading to more boat sales.


The MRAA and Rollick have partnered to offer MRAA members and Marine Industry Certified Dealers discounts on its SalesDriver and ExperienceDriver solutions. MRAA Members receive 5 percent off of these tools, and MRAA’s Certified Dealers get the largest
 discount, with 15% off the monthly fees for both solutions. Rollick recognizes the value of the MRAA and the importance of investing in dealers that invest in themselves, like MRAA Members and Certified Dealers do.

With the SalesDriver solution, MRAA members and Certified Dealers can display their inventory to a potential audience of over 250 million members and customers of America’s most trusted brands, such as AAA, Sam’s Club, Progressive, Allstate, and NADAguides as well
 as employees from organizations like IBM, Coca-Cola, Accenture, Home Depot and thousands more. As these consumers enter the buying funnel, Rollick dealer partners utilize best-in-class quoting and lead nurturing tools to provide customers with a transparent price and
 exceptional buying and ownership experience, all while leveraging the trust that comes with these premium brands. ExperienceDriver, the second solution to be co-marketed through the partnership agreement, is a customer experience measurement solution that is scheduled to rollout later this year.

SalesDriver helps dealers in four ways:
1. Sell More Boats: Differentiate your website & sales process with our partner brands, resulting in a higher lead-to-sale conversion.

2. Automate Prospect Marketing: Continuously remarket all prospect follow-ups so customers stay connected with your dealership. Dealers leverage Rollick's proprietary quoting and text message response tools to nurture leads to a sale.

3. Acquire More Customers: Market your inventory to millions of members, customers, and employees of America's most trusted brands.

4. Increase Prospect Connections: Supercharge sales efforts through additional prospect follow-ups and appointment setting firepower with Rollick's Concierge Call Center.

Learn more about
 SalesDriver and schedule a demo to take advantage of your MRAA discount pricing.

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