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MRAA Interactive Virtual Training System
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MRAA Interactive Virtual Training System

When it comes down to it, your dealership’s performance is based on the performance of your team members. And like any good sports team, to maintain or improve, they need a consistent training regimen. 

Training comes in many forms, from in-person events like the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo and Marine Retail University to cross training and mentoring in your business.

The advantages provided by virtual training, however, are making it one of the most powerful options available to dealers today. Here are just a few of them:

-       It’s available 24/7, 365 via your employees’ computers, tablets and mobile phones. That means they get access to some of the best training available on their schedule with no travel costs.

-       It’s affordable. Bringing a leading expert into your business can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a day or two of training. You can access that same trainer for an entire year for much less. MRAA members receive further discounts.

-       It’s trackable. The system gives dealership owners and managers the tools to track their employees' training progress and test scores, as well as to assign modules to individual staff members. That means you can hold employees accountable for their training.

-       It’s easy to sign up. If you’re an MRAA member, simply visit and enter your member username and password to gain access to the system. If you’re not a member, visit and take a minute to Sign Up for a Free Tour.

Have any questions? Contact Liz Walz at or 315-692-4533 

Here are some of the courses and experts we have made available to you via the MRAA Interactive Virtual Training System:

Build a Service Dream Team

Amidst today’s technician shortages, it’s more important than ever to excel at filling open service department positions and retaining your best service employees. Learn how during this in-depth, 3-hour workshop from service pro Valerie Ziebron, which was recorded at the 2014 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. It looks at the key human resource elements needed to create an outstanding service department. Among the topics covered are recruiting; interviewing; hiring; reviewing and terminating employees; management’s role in creating, communicating and driving goals; and what employees need from managers to be successful.

WALK AWAY WITH: A downloadable workbook including job descriptions for service and parts employees, sample interview questions, tips for Internet recruiting, employee rewards and recognition best practices and much more. 

$399/dealership for non-members (per year of access)

$349/dealership for members (per year of access)

Turn Upset Customers into Loyal Ones

Even the best service departments will occasionally upset a customer. But if not handled properly, one incident can quickly damage your reputation, having a lasting impact on your dealership’s results. This one-hour session by service pro Valerie Ziebron was recorded at the 2014 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. During it, you will learn how to assess the way you handle upset customers today and pick up positive conflict resolution techniques that you can use to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

WALK AWAY WITH: A downloadable workbook to help you train your team on positive conflict resolution techniques.

$299/dealership for non-members (per year of access)
$249/dealership for members (per year of access) 

Planning for Peak Performance

We all seek to improve our business, whether our current focus is revenue, profits, customer loyalty or all of the above. But without smart goals and a strategic plan to reach them, we’re unlikely to move the needle. This hour-long session from business strategy guru John Spence was recorded at the 2014 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. It will guide you through the critical aspects of effective strategic thinking, providing you with numerous tools, ideas and skills to apply when creating a detailed, realistic and customized business plan that will drive your dealership to peak performance.

WALK AWAY WITH: A 50-page downloadable workbook based on John’s course on strategic thinking and planning at the Wharton School of Business, including exercises and processes for your dealership’s management team.

$299/dealership for non-members (per year of access)
$249/dealership for members (per year of access)


Many dealership principals struggle with questions like: “Would my business run just as well if I’m not there?” and “Why won’t my staff just do what I want them to do?” Get the answers you seek in this eye-opening, one-hour session from dealership trainer Sam Dantzler, which was recorded at the 2014 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. In it, you’ll explore the behavioral science behind employee motivation and engagement, discuss the link between the Employee Satisfaction Index and the Customer Satisfaction Index, learn how to strengthen the bond with your team and pick up strategies for helping employees see your business through “owner’s eyes.” Put what you learn to work, and watch your margins, repeat and referral business soar.

$299/dealership for non-members (per year of access)
$249/dealership for members (per year of access) 

Increase Your SEO Through Social

If your dealership isn’t taking search engine optimization seriously, chances are you’re missing the opportunity to get in front of potential new customers every day. This one-hour session from social media expert Lauren de Vlaming was recorded at the 2014 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. During this advanced course, you’ll learn how to use social media to improve search engine optimization for your dealership. Platforms discussed include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and YouTube.

WALK AWAY WITH: A downloadable checklist you can use to ensure you’re taking advantage of key opportunities to improve your SEO through social.

$299/dealership for non-members (per year of access)
$249/dealership for members (per year of access)

Sales Strategies for the Hyper-Informed Customer

There are now hyper-informed, tech-savvy boat buyers in the market. Are you ready for them? Are you appealing to them? To be successful with these technology-dependent buyers, you must treat them differently than their parents and grandparents or risk losing them forever. They don’t buy products; they buy experiences. This one-hour session from sales trainer David Martin was recorded at the 2014 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo. In it, you will learn who the hyper-informed customers are, how they shop, what they want and how to make them happy.

$299/dealership for non-members (per year of access)
$249/dealership for members (per year of access) 

The MDCE Virtual Training Subscription

Take your dealership performance to the next level by sharing the most powerful educational sessions at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo with your team. Available exclusively to MDCE registrants leading up to and during the MDCE, your dealership can save hundreds by buying these sessions as a package. The package includes a unique username and password for up to 25 employees at your dealership’s location, which allows you to track employees’ progress through the online modules and how well they perform on each quiz.

Shep Hyken: The Customer Focus

Whether you are looking to learn new skills to help you develop a customer service mindset, or you are already a master at creating customer amazement, you'll learn and be reminded of powerful customer service concepts and strategies that will help take you from ordinary to extraordinary - and from average to amazing.

With The Customer Focus, you will:

        -Learn the seize the moment

        -Learn to transform the moment

        -Learn to improve the moment

$295/month plus $99 activation fee  

The Jeffrey Gitomer Library

With lessons in sales, customer loyalty and personal development, Jeffrey Gitomer will teach you and your team everything he knows about successful sales. Here you will find his Little Red Book of Selling, Little Black Book of Connections, Sale and Life and much more.

With the Jeffrey Gitomer Library, you will: 

        -Have access to Jeffrey Gitomer’s entire training library

        -Become an effective and efficient salesperson

        -Develop a game plan to achieve and maintain a YES! Attitude

$375/month (No activation fee)

Have any questions? Contact Liz Walz at or 315-692-4533

8401 73rd Avenue North, Suite 71, Minneapolis, MN 55428